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Today’s Peace through Revolution! & the Black Is Back Coalition March on the White House

From Glen Ford (BAR under CC licensing):

‘The Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations came together during Barack Obama’s first year in office, in large part to show that there were still lots of Black folks who understood that the struggle for self-determination and a new dispensation for all the world’s people is the real prize worth fighting for. The fact that the new president was Black did not alter in the slightest the demands put forward by the newly organized Coalition at its first rally and march on the White House, in November of 2009.

There have been many marches and rallies and conferences and mobilizations since then. As Obama plugged the world deeper into chaos and war, and a brutal police state tightened its grip on impoverished Black communities across the nation, the Black Is Back Coalition held firmly to its founding principles of unity in struggle against imperialism, white supremacy and the rule of the rich. It was critical that, when the fog and confusion of the Age of Obama finally lifted, at least some Black folks could be identified as having been right all along.

Black is Back!  [snip]

(Sunday’s) teach-in will bring together some of the freshest young minds and seasoned veterans of the liberation struggle. So, now you know: November 1st and 2nd is an important time to be in Washington, where the Black Is Back Coalition and its allies will chart a path to “Peace through Revolution.” The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, the Hands Up Coalition, United Against Police Terror, Friends of Congo, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, NCOBRA, and both the ANSWER Coalition and the United National Anti-War Coalition have all endorsed the march, rally and teach-in.’

Report from the front lines in Ferguson, MO: Chairman Omali Yeshitela exposes the sell out leadership of the most recent march held in Ferguson. The Chairman and the Uhuru Movement continue to provide revolutionary leadership to the masses of African people on the ground here in Ferguson.

The only organization that seems to use Twitter is Black is Back, and all Tweets lead to Facebook (goddess knows why).  These are all messages from their Twitter page:

‘I posted a new photo to Facebook

‘Glen Ford on stage’

‘Omali yeshitela supporting our speakers

‘Twanda Jones, sister of Tyron West killed by police in Baltimore

‘We fired up we aint takin no more. Larry Hamm of Peoples Organization for Progress out of Newark NJ′

‘I posted a new video to Facebook’

From #Ferguson to #Mexico, #Iraq to #NewYork, #DC to #Honduras, and beyond, we came together to honor the…

Uhuru!  Freedom!

(from yesterday)

Read ‘The Call’ to march and rally here; some excerpts:

‘The history of U.S. and European white power is a history of war and violence inflicted upon the peoples of the world. It is a history of land theft and slavery that gave rise to the dominant world capitalist economy.

It is a history of the attack on Africa that led to the enslavement of an entire continent and its inhabitants, many of whom were forcibly dispersed throughout the world to work like beasts to create white wealth.

It is a history of the invasion, attack and occupation of the lands now called the Americas, resulting in the annihilation of whole populations whose survivors have been forced to endure conditions of extreme poverty and brutality.

While the various European states attempt to distinguish themselves from each other, Europe achieved its core identity in modern history through its multi-lingual, multi-ethnic unity based on enslaving and colonizing much of the world, the process that gave birth to capitalism and white power on a global scale.

The resistance of the oppressed of the Earth is the real basis of this era of permanent imperialist warfare.

It is not sufficient to cry and pray for peace.

The answer is not peace that can be achieved by a cessation of struggle by the oppressed.

The answer is social justice and reparations, which can only be achieved by resistance to oppression and winning power to the people.

Those who are genuinely concerned with peace must fight for it. A real desire for peace is a desire for social justice and reparations.

Those who want peace must take a genuine stance for social justice. We must distinguish ourselves from those who would settle for an imperialist peace that does nothing but protect the status quo.

Let us say what we know to be the truth: the only real peace is peace through revolution!

(not that the time is ripe yet, they say.)

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