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Bloodsworth: An Innocent Man

9 years. 10 months. 19 days. That’s how long Kirk Noble Bloodsworth spent imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, until he became the first U.S death row prisoner to be exonerated by DNA evidence in 1993.

30 years later, Bloodsworth seeks to share his powerful and harrowing story through a full-length documentary to ensure that what happened to him, doesn’t happen to others. The project, titled Bloodsworth: An Innocent Man, is nearing the end of its kickstarter campaign, and has reached 75% of the funds needed to produce this film. If you believe Kirk’s story is one that must be told and should be seen, pitch in to the film’s Kickstarter Campaign before the November 3rd deadline to help ensure that happens.

Kirk’s story is one that is nothing short of remarkable. It is not only a story of the flaws and imperfections rooted in our criminal justice system, but also a story of a man whose life exemplifies the enduring human spirit, even in the face of great adversity.

Monday. November 3. By 2pm EDT. That’s how long you have to help ensure Kirk’s story is heard.

For more on Kirk’s story, check out the trailer for Bloodsworth: An Innocent Man

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