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Why the National 2014 Elections Just Don’t Matter to Most Americans

Several months ago, the Pew Research Center projected that voter turnout for the 2014 elections will be low, though they appear somewhat baffled as to why. My favorite Trotskyite Commies in Detroit, OTOH, know exactly why. And it’s not exactly rocket science.

On economic, bread-and-butter issues, there is no significant difference between the Democrats and Republicans, and most Americans know it. So why bother to vote? What difference does it make? Little to none, that’s what. Who cares if the Republicans take the Senate or make gains in the House? Who cares about the Supreme Court? For that matter, who really cares about the Presidency?

The game’s rigged, and voters know it. You have to be rich, Rich, RICH in order to be elected as a Congresscritter, much less to the Senate. Only top ten percenters need apply, and even then only top 1 percenters have any real chance. Even if you’re an incumbent and you’re voted out, there’s plenty of moo-lah to be made as a lobbyist or consultant or sitting on some corporate board while you re-build your “war chest” to take another stab at national public office. And most Americans know that, as well.

Today at work, for example, a Republican coworker with strong libertarian leanings who is so ignorant that he said just a few days ago that a Soviet submarine was being hunted by the Swiss Navy(apparently there was a Russian submarine in Swedish waters, but there’s no difference to him) said that “most politicians are just out for themselves, they don’t give a shit about us,” and he’s right. I agreed with him, and he knows I’m a Socialist, and he was a little surprised, but only a little.

Every day, things just keep getting worse and worse economically for the vast majority of Americans. Wages and salaries are stagnant, most of the jobs being “created” and ballyhooed by the ruling class of both major political parties pay less than a living wage, groceries and utilities and rent keep going up, it’s hard to get credit to buy anything, the cost of health care continues to be unaffordable, and the only things that Democrats and Republicans can agree on are measures that benefit Wall Street or the “defense” industry or…the opulent lifestyles of their leaders with immunity from criminal prosecution.

If there wasn’t a levy on the ballot to help the local public library and community college,  a Green running for Governor, and a few downticket races with still-decent people running, I probably wouldn’t bother to vote, either. As if the local library and community college should have to go begging for funds in the first place! That should be guaranteed, dammit! But nooooooo……..

Our political system is terminally ill. Every day, the day of reckoning gets closer. And when it comes, it won’t be pretty.

And have a nice night.

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