Something About Ebola is Weird and Primeval, that Logic Can’t Fight

Our ancestors slept around a fire for a million years and had an institutional fear of dangerous snakes and spiders that didn’t run from fire. Recorded in the Middle Ages but probably existing from the cave was a dread of lepers. We have phobias all around us touching people who touched something that will later make them sick is one of them.


Three years ago I rinsed a wire drain to prevent hair from clogging my bathtub by putting my hand in the toilet and rinsing around, and never did it again after someone stopping over saw me do it. For months when my acquaintance came over he insisted on paper plates and plastic ware and me washing my hands several times an hour. Obama’s domestic ebolaphobia is much less than those on the Internet that demand a total travel ban with Africa but since the latest cases in the US with rapid response is being sick for less then two weeks, what’s the big deal over here?


Everyone back from western central Africa has at least a one in the million fear of giving a loved one Ebola, and their friends have some nagging dread of them. So everyone, let’s create nice hotel space in designated airports with anyone without a fever allowed to leave with an embedded thermometer that transmits readings and an escort or two with cameras to be able to alert only a few people who got too close to someone soon to get an Ebola fever.


Other suggestions since the UN is hiring survivors to work with sick infants without protection, let one of them in front of a camera hug a sick relative. Almost 50% of those who got Ebola survived a potentially powerful resource until a vaccine is created, but phobics gets in the way.


If instead we want to fight this instinctual phobia of those who touched Ebola victims but are not yet sick, let’s dine at a sparkling disinfected and totally rinsed clean public bathroom and drink our wine from the toilet bowls.


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