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Over Easy: Monday Science

Good Morning All!

Have you ever wondered why I do a science post on a leftist political blog like FDL? It’s because anymore, science IS political.

Reality has a well known liberal bias – S. Colbert.

Senators deny climate change.

Worse, they are PROUD not to be knowledgeable of science. Even publications like the National review says the GOP “must embrace science to survive”. The GOP’s response is to double down on anti science.

Climate change. Womens health. Sex education. Heath effects of pollution. And more. Positions clearly incorrect by whatever standard you care to measure.

Except for ideology. Ideology states that the earth is less than 10,000 years old. Ideology states that climate change is NOT human driven. Ideology states that abstinence education works. Ideology states that pollution is less bad than regulation. And so on.

How do you combat such intentional ignorance? BY EDUCATION! Read something other than People. National Geographic. Scientific American. The Economist. So many others. Miley’s latest wardrobe malfunction is interesting, but it doesn’t really make your brain work.

So that’s why I do this. This is my combat, my way of fighting back.

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And I get to continue posting nifty links like these:

Even if the Earth is only 10,000 years old, the Universe is still older.

Platinum is an expensive material, yet it is an invaluable catalyst. Here, someone is getting good results from graphene instead.

We are not doing a good job with resource security.

Hot Chocolate is good for you!

Boxturtle (Science is neutral, even if it SEEMS to have a liberal bias)

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