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Are Charter and Public schools really better?

 Bill Gates is one of the richest men alive he must know something to be so rich and he loves Charter Schools, so does President Obama, Chris Christie,  Campbell Brown etc etc.

Yeah but if these bozo’s really thought Charter schools were the best then wouldn’t they send their own kids to Charter Schools?

Brown, whose two sons attend a private religious school, would like to see a broader array of public-school “reforms,” from the expansion of charter schools to vouchers and tax credits to fund private- and religious-school tuition 


Michelle Rhee’s daughter attends a $22,000-per child private school in Nashville.


Barack and Michelle Obama send their daughters to the progressive Sidwell Friends School (annual tuition: $34,000+). Another such politician is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, whose children reportedly attend The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools (annual tuition: $28,000+)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is also a member of this group, telling reporters it was “none of your business” when they asked about his children’s education. 


After Bill Gates spoke to the teachers at the annual conference of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to explain why the Common Core was absolutely necessary and was the key to teachers’ creativity, KrazyTA inquired into the practices at the elite Lakeside School in Seattle, where Bill was a student and where his own children are enrolled.

 You you….YOU  don’t know anything American schools are failing! We are getting stupider as a society.

Yes the same elite school students that lost us the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and ran the banks into the ground so bad they had to ask beg the federal government for a bailout do seem to be producing increasingly stupider graduates.

Shut up Commie Punk SHUT UP NOW!

But I’m agreeing with you:)

Did you know that  In 1990 1,225.9  billion was spent on education  In 2013  2,465.4 billion  so we slightly more than doubled school funding in the last 23 years.  thanks to that  increase in public school funding  the number of high school drop outs has decreased almost 50% since the 1990’s and the number of people with Bachelor’s degrees are up over 50% since 1990.    No Child Left Behind was passed in 2001 started taking effect in 2002 there is no evidence even now that  No Child Left Behind effected the trend of more kids graduating college, less kids dropping out of high school positively or negatively.


That does not count! All those kids were probably socially promoted! Kids today can’t add or do grammar like my generation.

Wait you are saying that your generation, the generation that believed tax cuts during war time could magicaly create more government revenue actually can add? Your generation the ones who still can’t figure out the internet so  you watch fox news instead is smarter… really? Who the F^&% cares about grammar if the facts are not right, Fox News won the right to lie in their news broadcasts in court claiming lying on the publicly owned air waves is free speech. Fine don’t believe me well do you believe IQ scores

Over the past 100 years, Americans’ mean IQ has been on a slow but steady climb. Between 1900 and 2012, it rose nearly 30 points, which means that the average person of 2012 had a higher IQ than 95 percent of the population had in 1900.

If you don’t believe IQ how about worker productivity numbers it does stand to reason that smarter workers should be able to make more products and thus make more money money.

From 1973 to 2011, worker productivity grew 80 percent, while median hourly compensation, after inflation, grew by just one-eighth that amount, according to the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal research group. And since 2000, productivity has risen 23 percent while real hourly pay has essentially stagnated.

Ok I’m wrong they make more product but they don’t get paid more maybe IQ is not that great a measurement.

Oh and about calling me a Commie earlier

The US is number 3 in terms of GDP per hour worked at 67.32 Socialist Norway is at the number 1 spot.

 I think Americans would be even more productive workers if we got paid the same and had the same benefits the Socialist Countries do. Too bad your generation let wages and benefits stagnate as the rich got richer.

Time for some math

Lets assume you spend $20,000 a year per kid on private school you would expect your kids not to need legacy admissions to get into the ivy league but 10-30% of students in the Ivy League will need help to get into an Ivy League college unfortuantly there are no exact numbers of how many legacy students went to private schools or charter schools but odds are very very few went to public schools.


schools with 90 percent or more students of color spend a full $733 less per student per year than schools with 90 percent or more white students.

 Mind you thats $733 a year less than the public school average spending per pupil

From 2000–01 to 2010–11, current expenditures per student enrolled in the fall in public elementary and secondary schools increased by 14 percent (from $9,751 to $11,153 in constant 2012–13 dollars). The amount for 2010–11, however, was lower than the amount for 2009–10 ($11,353). from the

 If $20,000 is around what private schools spend per pupil ( I used the low number on purpose you can use the high numbers if you want), and $11,353 is what the Public school average spent per student is then  if we subtract we get $8,647 spent more per student at private schools per year.

$20,000 – $11,353 = $8,647 more spent on private school students

then we add  $733 to $8,647 the amount that 

schools with 90 percent or more students of color spend a full $733 less per student per year than schools with 90 percent or more white students.

 And we get $ 9,380 the amount that private schools spend more per student a year on their students in schools than schools that are 90% or more of color spend on students.
lets remember then that despite this huge cash disparity the amount of money spent on public schools did increase in the 1990’s resulting in the number of high school dropouts decreasing by almost half and the number of people with bachelors degrees increasing by more than half.

  but 10-30% of students in the Ivy League  needed help to get into an Ivy League college and all those students who needed help seem to be the very ones who went to Private Schools, are rich, politically connected, run our Government, run for office, run our banks and big business…plus they are always asking for money. Bank Bailout, Auto Maker’s bailout, General Electric Bailout,  before that there was the Airline bailout, the Savings and Loan Bailout, the Chrysler bailout. Etc Etc

Jared Diamond says

 it turns out that societies often fail even to attempt to solve a problem once it has been perceived. Many of the reasons for such failure fall under the heading of what economists term “rational behavior”, arising from clashes of interest between people. That is, some people may reason correctly that they can advance their own interests by behavior harmful to other people. The perpetrators feel safe because they are typically concentrated and highly motivated by the prospect of reaping big, certain and immediate profits while the losses are spread over large numbers of individuals. That gives the losers little motivation to go to the hassle of fighting back, because each loser loses only a little. Examples include so-called perverse subsidies: the large sums of money that governments pay to support industries that might be uneconomic without the subsidies, such as many fisheries, sugar-growing in the US and cotton-growing in Australia.

We cannot afford to spend $20,000 a year giving the best education from grade school to high school  to a group that  after all that extra expense still needs 10-30 % special legacy preferences to get into the Ivy league. A past generation’s  intelligence used to build wealth obviously as the numbers show does not predict a future generation’s intelligence.


A further situation involving rational behavior and conflicts of interest arises when the interests of the decision-making elite in power conflict with the interests of the rest of society. The elite are particularly likely to do things that profit them but hurt everybody else, if the elite are able to insulate themselves from the consequences of their actions.

situations in which a society fails to solve perceived problems because the maintenance of the problem is good for some people. 

I would like to add that the decision-making elite/1% get dumber each generation as their to rich to fail kids keep getting into the Ivy League meet other future rich people, rulers of our country and dumb down the gene pool. It is no wonder then that our elite do not believe in Global Warming, but they do believe in the perpetual motion machine like concept that tax cuts create jobs.  Short term profits for themselves hurt everyone but since it will hurt them last America suffers. What really galls me is many of these idiots brag about how smart they are. What really galls me is they want to send our kids to schools they would not send their own kids. If you are going to lie to me please make more of an effort to make it believable.


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