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The Weekend Roundup for October 25-26th, 2014

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Hey folks, it’s the start of a brand new week!

International Politics

Middle East

– Across Iraq, kidnappers and murders are up over the past few months, which is certainly related to the ongoing war.

– On Saturday, eight people were killed in Taji, Iraq, as a result of a suicide attack.

– An Israeli official said there was a “crisis” in the U.S.-Israeli relationships that must be fixed; It’s like they don’t even think the bombings of Gaza have anything to do with this

– Israeli President Reuven Rivlin warned relations between Israel and Arab countries would deteriorate if nothing is done

– The recent violence in Jerusalem originates from the bombings of Gaza over the summer

Asia and Oceania

– After originally scheduling a street referendum, organizers in Hong Kong decided to back out and apologized for not notifying folks

– All British operations in Afghanistan ended with the last base under UK control handed to Afghan authorities


– Egyptian President Abdel al-Sisi accused foreign hands at play in the attack that killed 31 soldiers; Seems unlikely

– With more fighting in Benghazi, Libya, the death toll rose to 130 people. This figure is based on the fighting that started 10 days ago between rebels and governmental forces.


– Journalist Andre Vltchek interviews Milan Kohout, a former Czech dissident, on the rebellion against authoritarianism in Czechoslovakia, why the West wasn’t a preferable alternative and the leftist ideals in the “Second Culture”

– With elections in Ukraine coming up, it is likely pro-Western candidates will dominate parliament

– Around 2,500 neo-Nazis and hardcore soccer fans clashed with riot police in Germany and also chanted slogans advocating National Socialism. 14 people were injured as a result of the protests.

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– In Venezuela, the poor are rising in society. However, those at the top in the country are afraid of the marginalized becoming too powerful; The phrase “‘Caracas would be so perfect without the people'” is really disturbing.

– Canadian parliament reopened after recent shooting attacks where both gunmen were killed

Surveillance Planet

– Emptywheel: “Maybe the Spooks Don’t Want FTC to Know NSA’s Tricks?

– The CEO of Whisper suspended two employees over the reports on how it tracks users despite saying it does not

Financial Matters

Part four of five with economist Costas Lapavitsas on how dominant the finance industry is today and the structure of it in our day-to-day lives

One in five European banks are not financially strong according to a new EU survey. The most shaky could be found in Italy.

Politics US

– Nathan Fuller: “The War on Drugs is Doing Just Fine

– New Jersey Governor Chris Christie believes it is possible for the Republican Party to win in gubernatorial races where Obama won two years ago. Also, he praised Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker because he’s a reactionary like Walker so…

– David Sirota: “In Legalization Battles, Alcohol Defines the Politics of Marijuana

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The World Health Organization reported more than 10,000 people have been infected with Ebola with nearly half dead

– A nurse quarantined in New Jersey after returning from West Africa criticized the protocol on her case after she was found not to have Ebola

– New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted it would be difficult to enforce the mandatory 21-day quarantine; Furthermore, a U.S. health official criticized it as a “little draconian

Planet Earth

– In terms of environmentalism, it cannot be denied major meat corporations donate to environment groups. Thus, some groups refuse to talk about the elephant in the room—challenging those very firms.

– A draft UN report warns of “irreversible” damage as a result of climate change if nothing is done

– Citizens in Port Arthur, Texas, sued the Environmental Protection Agency for not doing their job in curbing toxins emitted by fossil fuel companies

Mixed Bag

– Rania Khalek: “Why do media value Israeli children’s lives more than those of Palestinian kids?

– I had forgotten to put this on the Roundup, but Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant is polling very well (even more than Democrats) in her district for a socialist politician. Thought it may inspire some readers.

Break Time

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