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Propaganda Alert: Chemical Weapons Again Being Used as Excuse for Imperial War in the Middle East

Remember Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” during the Bush II Administration?  Remember the Assad regime in Syria being accused of using chemical weapons by Obama as justification for American military intervention in Syria not so long ago? Remember first Prime Minister Cameron and then President Obama failing to get the votes in Parliament and Congress shortly thereafter?

Well, our ruling class hasn’t given up in its quest for a new and improved imperial war. The Washington Post is once again accusing the Assad regime of using chemical weapons, this time against unnamed villages, and accusing President Obama of giving ol’ Assad a “free pass” to do so. Ironically, it also notes that the Islamic State(ISIS) is also accused of using chlorine gas against Iraqi government troops. It then blurs the line and quotes a State Department official of saying that the “evidence strongly suggests the Assad regime is the culprit” behind the attacks in Syria, but its links provide no concrete evidence whatsoever that this is in fact what is happening.

Basically, the Washington Post is saying, “We know that ISIS is using chlorine gas, and we really really want to believe that Assad is using chemical weapons, so You The People should just assume that he is, too, and break out the American flags and cheer on the next shiny new war.” In short, it’s a propaganda ploy that Goebbels or Stalin would recognize instantly, though they might critique it for being too weak.

Anyway, the implication of the article is clear: Obama must stop being a wimp and send in American troops to combat this menace to civilization as we know it.

Don’t be surprised if senior administration officials such as John Kerry or even President Obama himself once again trot out the old chemical weapons argument as a reason why America simply has no other choice but to invade Syria and reoccupy parts of Iraq(undoubtedly the oil-producing parts, but they will never admit that) for purely upstanding moral and humanitarian reasons.

Of course, there never actually has been clear and convincing evidence that Bashar Hafez al-Assad’s regime ever really did use chemical weapons against anybody, as this World Socialist Website article argues.  It points out that chlorine gas is relatively easy to make, simply by taking over chlorination facilities that are used to decontaminate drinking water in that part of the world. ISIS undoubtedly has some of these facilities in its possession, and might well have captured some Syrian military stockpiles of chlorine, mustard and perhaps nerve gas as well. It also notes that it is clear that Syrian rebels of one persuasion or the other definitely did use sarin nerve gas against Syrian soldiers and civilians, which was then erroneously reported in the corporate media and by Obama himself that Assad was using it.

It never made any sense to me why the Assad regime would gas its own troops and give Obama and the West a casus belli against him altogether simultaneously at the same time. I don’t think a stupid man could have stayed in power in Damascus that long, and it would take a stupid man to order such a thing.

So here we go again. The only question is when Obama will make his move and how, and whether Congress will be even consulted. Will he simply send in the troops or will he try to drum up public support first? I don’t know, but the American people will have to shout “Hell, NO!” really loudly again in order to stop this latest wave of imperial madness. Probably the British, French, and German people as well.

It’s way past time for America and Europe to stop intervening in the Middle East and let the people there sort out their own destiny themselves. Curiously, I find myself in agreement with both Rand Paul and the Iranian government on this one. Strange bedfellows indeed, but this is a strange world we live in. C’est la vie.

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