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The Roundup for October 21st, 2014

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Hey folks, what are you doing today? It’s the return of the full Roundup!

International Politics


– Lawrence Wilkerson, former U.S. government official, joins The Real News to provide an update on the nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1; Journalist Gareth Porter provides his own perspective of talks here.

– Juan Cole: “U.S. Jets Airdropped Supplies for Kurds Fighting in Kobane Against Turkey’s Wishes“; Still Islamic State militants were able to obtain such weapons

Middle East

A great piece on The Intercept on how the United Arab Emirates jailed and attempted to silence an online activist.

Asia and Oceania

– Despite the millions of U.S. dollars poured into stopping opium production, it was at an all-time high last year


– A new study found youths who support Golden Dawn do so for racial reasons rather than economical ones

– A British official says five citizens leave every week to join the the Islamic State

– Human Rights Watch found both governmental forces and rebels in Ukraine used cluster bombs

Financial Matters

– As journalist David Dayen notes, austerity politics is hurting the world’s economy and there is no bubble for it to kick-start

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Work-sharing can be a solution to our unemployment woes

– FedEx Ground was sued by current and former employees over the company’s refusal to treat them as employees and not providing overtime benefits

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: 52 percent of Americans do not believe the U.S. government can manage the Ebola crisis

– Glen Ford joins The Real News to talk about why black voters will probably not be voting at high rates this November, with blame going to the Democrats and their policies

– Pew: In what foreshadows our future, the more partisan voters are often those who actually vote

– Speaking of elections, a new poll found voters believe Republicans will take the midterms despite most loathing the party

– A former official under the Reagan administration called President Barack Obama a conservative based on his policies; He’s not wrong…

– If Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) represents anything, it’s accepting money and spouting talking points from corporations

– After the Obama administration refused to hand over the pictures of U. S. torture, a judge ruled the government must provide a legitimate reason or be forced to release them

Anytown USA

– In Norcross, Ga., a single mother lost her home after she did not pay less than $100 for taxes, a tax bill she did not receive.

– With William Bratton as the new Commissioner of the New York Police Department, it cements the idea of uniting racism and policing

– Furthermore, harassment of artists in the subway system is also a failure, not only by Bratton, not only by the NYPD, but also by the supposedly progressive Bill de Blasio administration

– Jay Nixon, the Democratic governor of Missouri, announced an investigation into the problems of Ferguson, Mo.; Does it involve your resignation?

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The World Health Organization said it is heavily searching for a vaccine to test by January

The Second Sex

– Dave Zirin: “Stop Surgical Violence Against Women Athletes—and Let Dutee Run!

– Jessica Valenti: “Gamergate is loud, dangerous and a last grasp at cultural dominance by angry white men

Planet Earth

– Kurt Lambeck, a geophysics professor, talks to The Real News about rising sea levels and why inaction is the worst policy

– Scientists in Canada are fighting back against the government’s decision to go after them for doing environmental science

– Carbon emissions in the U.S. are rising, which further highlights how the Obama administration has no environmental solution

Mixed Bag

– “Media Stumped On How To Handle Missing Mixed-Race Woman” Ah The Onion gets it again

Break Time

My Generation [The Who]

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

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