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Boston Bombing News: More McPhee Maxim

In a previous BBN post, “What’s Up Michele McPhee” by woodybox, we learned a of new piece written by Michele McPhee about the Tsarnaev family.  When I first opened the Newsweek site, I was unable to read the article.  I couldn’t get past the first few words, it was so repulsive and ridiculous.  I have since been able to scan over the article just to see if there was anything new in her words.  No new knowledge to be had, same old MM trash.  This article reminds me of another.  Did MM write The Fall of the House of Tsarnaev?  Seems eerily similar.  No, I guess that was Patricia Wen.

It appears MM thinks herself to be a great writer.  It appears that she wants us to see her work and speak of her “great” ability to tell a story. So I’d like to revisit MM’s writing and continue our previous conversations.

From her website, MM’s bio it reads, She was also a witness to the carnage unleashed by two homegrown terrorists who detonated two pressure cooker bombs secreted in backpacks placed in the crowd along the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013 and is currently at work on a book about the FBI’s involvement with accused bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev.  Wow.  That IS dramatic MM!  “A witness to the carnage.”  I believe there were hundreds, if not thousands, of “witnesses” as you describe yourself.  But most of them don’t brag this fact, they are actually humbled and wish they hadn’t been such a witness.

The MM website also says she was the first reporter in the country to obtain a picture of accused bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s anti-American missive scribbled on the side of a Watertown boat where he hid for hours during a massive police manhunt.  Yes she was.  It was an exclusive.  MM and ABC were also exclusive in the release of Todashev’s handwritten “confession” just before he was killed.  Exclusive aka leak tool?

Another one of McPhee’s dramatic headlines, FEDS WANT ACCUSED MARATHON BOMBER IN COURT AT NEXT HEARING.  This came from the September status conference in which AUSA Weinreb asked the judge to compel Tsarnaev to appear at a scheduled status conference (October 20th).  Judge O’Toole said, “the decision belongs to the defendant.”  Well there’s something Tool did right and by the law.  Make note of this one!  In addition, bombing victim Marc Fucarile said he wants to see Tsarnaev in court. “I’d like to see him have to face us and see us. …. So he has to face what he did.  He’s a coward,’’ Fucarile said, adding that after the bombs exploded, killing an 8-year-old boy and two young women, Tsarnaev allegedly fled the carnage. “He walked away. If he was a real man he would have stayed there.”  Nice Mr. Fucarile.  Now don’t get me wrong, I completely sympathize with the victims and their families.  They have been wronged.  But Mr. Fucarile’s attitude and words here to the press only show his ignorance and thirst for revenge.  He, like so many others, appears to believe what he has been told and has latched on to the idea that Dzhokhar is already guilty.  Be patient, Mr. Fucarile, you and all the others will have what you desire soon enough when the trial starts and Dzhokhar actually appears in court.  You will be able to sneer at him and watch for his “smirks” all afternoon.

On a more pleasant note, how about those protesters at the 8th status conference?  I believe that was pretty brave of them, all seven of them!  In particular, I understand it was Elena Teyer who organized the protest.  According to reports, she held a placard with photos of son-in-law Ibragim Todashev which read, “I am dead because I knew Tsarnaevs.  I knew the truth.”  This protest was reported by multiple news agencies including CBS Boston, Reuters, The Huffington Post and more.  These protests are a good thing, in my opinion.  It feels like they tip the scales back towards level, even if just a little.

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