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Over Easy: Monday Science

Good Morning!

Fukushima Update:

The Typhoons have significantly increased the radioactivity of the Fuku Groundwater. This was to be expected, as almost every place on the site contains hot water  and the rain would flush it out.

The current plan to open up reactor #1 for more cleanup work. The last time they did work in #1, the radiation increases were detected as far away as Berkley. This time, the plan is basically to coat everything in plastic before opening up the cover.

Japanese reporters are starting to revolt against the censorship. It’s unclear how the JG will respond. They COULD lock up the reporters for a long time under their new state secrets law, but they are already having to deal with protesting mothers and Doctors. I think their facade is falling apart.

The JG Minister of Industry has resigned. She was one of the most vocal and effective advocates of restarting Japans reactors during her short tenure. This will hurt the restart plans, no matter what the JG official position may be.

On the subject of the reactor restart, there is NO local support. Many are coming up with fairly creative ways to block restarting their local reactors and the protesting mothers are a powerful symbol. Nobody wants to be photographed busting through their lines.

Fusion Power takes a big step forward. This is the best, most detailed writeup of the story that’s been perking in the MSM most of the week. Some key points to remember: There is no working prototype, though they have tested all the components successfully individually. The “blanket” that is supposed to stop the neutrons and turn their energy into heat is not described anywhere I could find. I’m guessing it’s some form of Boron, but what the mean free path of a neutron would be is not mentioned.There will still be hot waste, but WAY less and WAY less dangerous. Tritium production will be minimal, but not zero.

There was a kickstarter campaign to produce a private router that would protect average users from spying. In a very short time, they produced about $600K with a fundraising goal of only $7,500. That kickstarter has been suspended with no reason given. But I think it shows how much interest there is in the concept. Congress can re-interpret the constitution to watch us, but they can’t re-interpret technology and eventually technology will force the USG to go back to getting warrants.

Sex has been around 385 Million years.

“mine” metals from plants? It’s NOT science fiction, there are plants that naturally absorb metals. We then harvest the plants, burn them, and extract the metals from the ash. This could be cheaper than current mining techniques and could also be used to clean up heavy metal pollution.

We may have found a signal from Dark matter.

Humboldt Squid are a subject of debate. Some thing they’re non-hostile, others think they’re amongst the most dangerous creatures in the ocean.  In support of the latter group, the squid try to attack a minisub. The Humboldt Squid is one of the VERY few squids with confirmed human kills.

Methane hydrate land mines?

Boxturtle (I like Mike Rowe’s new show “Somebody’s got to do it“)



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