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Thomas Duncan, who died after contracting the Ebola virus, did not transmit it to the people he was living with

This story perfectly highlights how completely overblown concern over Ebola in the United States has been. Not even Thomas Duncan’s family, who he was living with prior to his hospitalization, has contracted the disease from him. From CBS Local:

As of today, 48 people are now no longer on the Ebola watch list.

After showing no signs of the virus since last being in contact with Thomas Duncan, they are the first to complete the 21-day surveillance period.

“It a real big deal,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

Among the 48 is Duncan’s fiancé, Louise Troh, and her family.

While Ebola is a very unpleasant disease, it is not a threat to Americans. To contract the disease you basically need to come into direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person with a high viral load, i.e. someone that looks really sick. Since the United States has universal indoor plumping and a functioning health care infrastructure, that is very very very very unlikely to happen.

The congressional hearings, the Ebola Czar, the campaign ads and the wall-to-wall cable news focused on the disease in the United States is way more than is justified. You should be worried about almost anything more than the possibility of catching Ebola.

Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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