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Video: Progressive Establishment Makes Ron Paul Look Good

As the Progressive Establishment in Washington supports more war, deterioration of civil liberties, more bankster-friendly policies and if you took everything that they are advocating doing for you it would not effect your life in the least, would not make your children or grandchildren’s lives/futures any better, they offer only kabuki rhetoric.

In this thirty minute interview, on the major issues, I did not find myself in disagreement with Ron Paul’s positions, they seemed commonsense observations. I long to see ANYONE from the “Progressive Establishment” speak like this– Never have, never will.  That is pathetic and unworthy of anybody’s support. Peeing your pants with joy because Elizabeth Warren, in a very mild way, states the obvious, that banks have acted inappropriately is just demonstrating that your in to the Kabuki.

An actual progressive, Ralph Nader is closer to Paul Than Establishment Progressives.


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