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Sometimes you just gotta take a break from fear of ISIS & Ebola!

   Geez Louise!  Here I am living in a wonderful town, on a safe street and with food in the refrigerator.  But all I ever do is worry about poor Syria being invaded by ISIS, America and the Saudis
    Here I am with the best medical care in the world located only six blocks from my home — and I worry about Ebola.  According to John Barry’s fascinating book about the 1919 flu epidemic, “The Great Influenza,” viruses have a nasty habit of evolving in order to be more contagious and thus have a longer shelf-life.  And remember the bird-flu scare and the swine flu scare?  And the fact that Congress has just slashed the CDC’s budget and left us defenseless — now that the very agency that stopped both of those possible epidemics in their tracks is currently operating at half-speed due to budget cuts?  Good grief.
     Here I am, snug as a bug in a rug, but my neighbor just told me that foam mattresses give off fumes that can ruin my life.  So there goes my foam mattress, out to the dumpster.  Rats.  It was really really comfortable too.
    And the Republican party has been telling me since Reagan’s time that I should be afraid — very afraid.  Of what?  You name it.  Undocumented Americans, commie spies, weapons of mass destruction, drug lords, terrorist invasions, I forget what all else.
     So now the only sane thing I can think of doing today is to spend the day hiding under my (mattress-less) bed.  “But, Jane, you can’t do that!  Remember that there might be a bedbug epidemic!”  Oops.  I forgot.

Maybe I should just move to someplace like Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Sierra Leone instead — someplace where it’s safe.

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Jane Stillwater

Jane Stillwater