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Late Night: Confederate Party Member Forgets He Can’t Flash His Gang Symbols in Public

Doug Muder recently discussed why the Confederates currently running the Republican Party (and who make up the GOP base) usually try to hide behind tricorner hats and tea bags instead of publicly embracing their true heroes, Jeff Davis and Nathan B. Forrest:

The Boston Tea Party protest was aimed at a Parliament where the colonists had no representation, and at an appointed governor who did not have to answer to the people he ruled. Today’s Tea Party faces a completely different problem: how a shrinking conservative minority can keep change at bay in spite of the democratic processes defined in the Constitution. That’s why they need guns. That’s why they need to keep the wrong people from voting in their full numbers.

These right-wing extremists have misappropriated the Boston patriots and the Philadelphia founders because their true ancestors — Jefferson Davis and the Confederates — are in poor repute. [4]

But the veneer of Bostonian rebellion easily scrapes off; the tea bags and tricorn hats are just props. The symbol Tea Partiers actually revere is the Confederate battle flag. Let a group of right-wingers ramble for any length of time, and you will soon hear that slavery wasn’t really so bad, that Andrew Johnson was right, that Lincoln shouldn’t have fought the war, that states have the rights of nullification and secession, that the war wasn’t really about slavery anyway, and a lot of other Confederate mythology that (until recently) had left me asking, “Why are we talking about this?”

By contrast, the concerns of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and its revolutionary Sons of Liberty are never so close to the surface. So no. It’s not a Tea Party. It’s a Confederate Party.

Our modern Confederates are quick to tell the rest of us that we don’t understand them because we don’t know our American history. And they’re right. If you knew more American history, you would realize just how dangerous these people are.

However, there is a growing trend of Confederate Party types to be a bit careless when they try to flash their gang symbols in what they think is a nice and subtle way that only their fellow travelers will understand. See, for example, the case of Dan Severson (hat tip to Bluestem Prairie), the man the Minnesota branch of the Confederacy wants to be the state’s next Secretary of State:

Secretary of State: Steve Simon, DFL-St. Louis Park, vs. Dan Severson

Simon uses a default red, white and blue color scheme while omitting his party affiliation. However, the heavy use of blue emphasizes his background as a Democratic-Farmer-Labor state representative.

Severson also tries to indicate his party affiliation through color, but the placement of the blue ribbon with white stars over a red backdrop almost evokes the Confederate Flag — an odd choice for Minnesota.

And before you go off saying that this is just some dirty Commie college prof seeing echoes of the Confederate Battle Flag in Severson’s logo, Bluestem points out that a Republican activist, Jeff Kolb, noted the Confederate evocation months ago.

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