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Late, Late Night FDL: Something Blue

Neil Diamond – Something Blue

This Tuesday, Neil’s latest album Melody Road will be released…

There’s soppy, there’s schmaltz, and then there’s the latest from Neil Diamond. He remarried in 2012, and much of Melody Road radiates honeymoon period: trumpets tootle cheerfully, guitar melodies beam, cherry blossom falls from flutes, and Diamond delivers platitudes such as “Marriage is not an easy thing/ But look at all the joy it brings” with balmy bonhomie. Sunny Disposition and In Better Days have all the substance of soapy, made-for-TV movie romances; Something Blue and Nothing But a Heartache are bleaker, but only to sharpen the contrast with what it is to find that one special person who “took me to a place I never knew”. Sweep away the saccharine and Diamond’s craft as a songwriter still gleams: First Time addresses both teenagers striking out on their own (it would have been perfect for the Monkees), and septuagenarians inclined to nostalgia; while the story of Seongah and Jimmy doubles as a hymn to Diamond’s native Brooklyn, set to a Burt Bacharach swoop. But Melody Road should come with a trigger warning for anyone whose relationship is nearing the rocks…

What’s on your mind tonite…?

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