Ebola: Precious Bits of Good News Can Help Us Create More

Ebola: Precious Bits of Good News Can Help Us Create More


Good news: Those treated aggressively, as soon as they get an Ebola fever, get far less sick then those who started treatment later.

Good News: The World Health Organization declared Senegal Ebola free. October 30 will be the day WHO is preparing to also declare no new cases in Liberia as well, the same day Thomas Duncan’s relatives get out of isolation. Perhaps there might be overlapping celebrations.

Good News: Cuban doctors in Africa are fighting Ebola efficiently and cost effectively.

Good News: US heath care just improved a little. Never again will someone be sent home with 103 degree fever. There may be other subtle improvements in health care as well especially relating any flu or flu-like condition.

Good News? It may turn out to be good news that a hospital technicianwho went on a cruise ship from Dallas was suddenly quarantined. He had no signs of Ebola but the ship was not allowed to dock in Mexico. The easy of Mexicanoverreaction and likely future overreaction might mean that right-wing politicians who want to relate Ebola to the Southern Border, will find this, and future Mexican policy decisions in the way of their election dreams.

We live in a technologically savvy country, wireless thermometers or wireless vital signs monitors that transmit to a hospital center can be worn by travelers instead of imposingquarantines to see if one gets a fever. Hospitals can fairly cheaply be outfitted with cameras that document breaches in protocol. Currently developing a vaccine with live weakened Ebola virus is a cumbersome risky business, but with the help of camerasonly a few who are near the patients would have to be monitored. Too many who have being on the same planes or shops who had contact with someone with Ebola systems have been monitored without studying the security cameras first. Those who clearly got in contact with Ebola virus body fluids in their month or other orifices could immediately be given survivor‘s blood and or weakened Ebola virus.

Anyone who tries the natural medicine stuff should have exactly what they plan to take or do take monitored, Nano Silver, Selenium,Magnesium chloride (magnesium oil), extremely high dose Vitamin C, swimming in Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) and Vitamin D, Iodine,Medical marijuana, and/or Glutathione,

By the way clothing should all be embedded with Silver Nitrate both good science and alternative science. Mosquito nets that are embedded in insecticide should also have a slightly toxic dose of Silver-nitrate added as well to discourage people from adding the nets to the bleach wash, and thus make the coinciding Malaria epidemic worse.

I wonder if someone gets treated as soon as they are infected instead of waiting for a fever if it would seem only like a common cold? The normal route of giving a vaccine to a yet uninfected person could be bypassed.

An article on Ebola and good news would be amiss if it didn’t include the successful efforts of Firestone in Liberia to keep Ebola out of the vicinity of the rubber plantation,

The bad news is that Sierra Leone is becoming a disaster sink hole, a perfect storm for a pandemic. Gridlock all but halting trade, travel and harvesting of crops, Malaria, HIV and TB increasing as the medical infrastructure is all but collapsing, the warm African tribal culture is also teetering toward collapse. Another bit of bad news is that Malaria was once all but eliminated and is not a problem in the West, is the leading cause of death in Sierra Leone. Western visitors who get Malaria are usually cured. If, like with Malaria, the West turns back on Ebola the black-market in survivor’s blood would keep it out of the hands of ordinary Africans who in desperation would have to try ingesting survivor’s urine and feces is order to try to conquer the disease.

Hard to fit in this piece or in other writings of mine is that US Doctor George Risa at the very busy Kenema General Hospital was quite impressed to see some of the sick helping those more helpless then themselves. See this and the other warm stories in the following two links,

The picture in the above link is preciously cute.

Many have written “Let’s calm down and stop panicking”, often they say “Ebola is not as big a thing as many claim”. Clearly the interacting of physical and emotional forces is extremely serious.Others please work with me in trying to find the right emotional responses.

Wait a minute, there is a precious piece of good news that almost everyone is forgetting, since survivors have Ebola immunity, they can work with the sick without expensive masks and gloves. Even preserve  some of African culture traditions as they do this. I think if we look closely at isolated villages this is already being done.

William Pooley is planning to go back, he doesn’t need to put on gloves. Please someone who knows him, forward my suggestion to him or send me his email box. Please ask others to go back without masks as well. Being chosen as one of the precious few to be given proper care presents one with an obligation. If one wishes to be sure of not increasing risk, look hard in isolated pockets of rural Africa, for where this has already been done.

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