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People of Kentucky Apparently Just Realized They’ve Been Voting Republican for Decades

This chart shows why the DSCC’s decision to pull out of the Kentucky Senate race was inevitable for months. From Gallup:

Kentucky: Party Affiliation, Including Leaners

Remarkably, until just last year a plurality of people in Kentucky considered themselves leaning-Democrat even though they have not supported a Democrat for President or Senate in roughly two decades and the state has become increasingly Republican in Presidential elections. Despite a vote of over 60 percent for Mitt Romney there was still a plurality that considered themselves leaning-Democrat. Yet when faced with tough choice of voting for either the very unpopular Mitch McConnell or giving Democrats another seat in the Senate, the people of Kentucky seem to have finally accepted they primarily identify with the GOP.

In an era of disciplined political party in Congress the most important factor in almost every federal election is what party a candidate belongs to. We are seeing this realization trickle down to the general public and that is what makes this election so bad for Democrats. Once people accept that, incumbency can’t save Democratic senators in red states.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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