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Killing Our Children In The Night

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Alice Walker, Gather . . .

Who are these people
that kill our children in the night?
Murder our brothers in broad daylight?
Refuse to see themselves in us
as we have strained, over centuries,
to see ourselves in them?

In the last ten minutes of his life Vonderrit Myers walked “into a night every parent in America cannot begin to imagine. A night every black person in America knows is coming and that the next one coming could be them–might as well be them–every time they imagine the high caliber bullet shattering his cheek bone, eye socket, aorta . . .”

Minority neighborhoods have become lethal hunting grounds, deadly killing zones where police are the predators.

Sometimes they hunt alone.

Sometimes they hunt in packs.

Like wolves.

Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo . . .

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