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Hey there folks!

International Politics


– Despite U.S.-led efforts to combat the Islamic State, they scramble as IS continues to grow

– Juan Cole: “In Symbolic Vote, UK Parliament Urges Recognition of Palestine“; More can be found here. As expected, Israel denounced the vote.

– In response to the vote, France said it would support such a measure only if it could achieve peace rather than be a symbol.

Middle East

– Dahr Jamail: “Iraqi Doctors Call Depleted Uranium Use ‘Genocide’

– Amnesty International warned, in a new report, how Shiite militias were killing Sunnis with the backing of the current government

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now focusing on keeping his position on the right in Israel to win re-elected

– Earlier today, a car bomb exploded in Baghdad, Iraq, with at least 23 people killed. One Shiite lawmaker was among those killed.

– A journalist with the Associated Press had to move to Malaysia after the struggle to live in peace in Gaza with his family

– An American defense contractor was killed and another was injured in the capital of Saudi Arabia. Apparently it was a revenge attack.

Asia and Oceania

– Without the necessary funds, the World Food Programme announced it would cut funds to give Afghans food

– It is tense in Hong Kong with demonstrators facing against police officers in riot gear


– A UN official warned the people in Libya face a grave threat, due to militias

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.