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Why we haven’t even bombed these people…yet

Map of Tunisia, (source: CIA World Factbook)

Let’s see off the top of my head which countries in the Islamic World we’ve bombed in the last decade: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Pakistan, and Somalia.

And, of course, it’s been habit forming…with lots of coincidences.

The US Has Bombed at Least Eight Wedding Parties Since 2001

In fairness, that last story is ten months old, it could be nine or ten or more by now.

One could assume this is a sign things are not working too awesomely.

Though Tunisia is in many senses the most advanced and secular of Arab states – and the only country to have come through the revolutions of 2011 relatively unscathed – that is only half the story. According to some estimates, there are more Tunisians fighting for Isis than from any other single country.

…but of course, it will be argued it just means we have to bomb another country.

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