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Riots Hit Kiev, Neofascists Hold Torch-Lit March In Ukraine

After previously promising to march on Kiev, neofascists began a riot in Kiev that involved throwing smoke bombs and using air guns to shoot out windows of the Ukrainian parliament. The riot forced an early end to the session of parliament as police battled to take back the streets of Kiev. The far right had previously been supported and empowered by the Ukraine government but have fallen out of favor since a cease fire was signed in East Ukraine between the government and separatists backed by Russia.

Later the neofascists held a torch-lit march through the streets of the Kiev bearing neo-Nazi flags and chanting nationalist slogans. The march included the Right Sector and Azov Battalion – white supremacist groups that openly display neo-Nazi regalia such as the wolfsangel.

The neofascists were instrumental in overthrowing the government of President Viktor Yanukovich and fighting to take back break away territory in East Ukraine where far right militias did a fair amount of the fighting. But now the neofascists believe Kiev betrayed them when it signed the cease fire and have claimed they will take out President Poroshenko the same way they did Yanukovich – by force.

Within the ranks of the far right are battle hardened fighters from the eastern front who are suspiciously well armed. If riots mutate into a full armed insurgency the US and EU and their friends in Kiev might come to regret having ever gotten into bed with the neofascists. The milita groups were previously funded by a band of corrupt Ukraine oligarchs and the US and EU. Now that they are turning on the government in Kiev they may find themselves short of resources.

Of course, thugs are never short of cash for long when they’ve got military-grade weapons.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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