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Will Marshall’s “exclusive” for Ignoring the National Debt

Will Marshall’s “exclusive” for Successfully Ignoring the National Debt

Will Marshall is currently the Head Honcho over at the Progressive Policy Institute, but like most history aficionados focused on a history that won’t conveniently disappear, and where he was the Chief Propagandist for the Democratic Leadership Council for the Neo-Liberal Democrats of many years past, has his latest ‘rant’ published at the  Political Dot Com Magazine, titled, “How to Save the Democratic Party from Itself” and dated October 10, 2014.

And as a staunch Democrat and with a sizable Progressive-orientation, I find that Marshall is determined to convince me that ‘more of the past,’ is beneficial to my future, and which is a bogus tactic, while the overall strategy is conveniently or intentionally neglected.  Consequently,  another typical behavior in toxic politics and where the Three D’s, or Denial, Distraction, and Devolution, must be the “end result” and thusly, visited and attributed onto and for the non-discerning person. Fortunately, those of us and who are voracious readers of mass media, and aficionados of the many “voices” both correct and incorrect in their assessments of what has proven to be a wide-array of fallacies in political behaviors, I come away still holding a high degree of faith that the failures of the past, need not be visited, again, on my children and on my children’s children.

And subsequently, the political “borrower’s mentality” is my obvious starting point, and that being  our National Debt, and a Debt  that was virtually non-existent when Jimmy Carter left the Oval Office, back in the days, when he was “managing” two dozen political issues annually before Congress, and in contrast, with today’s President Obama addressing three to four issues annually. Therefore, today’s emphasis on “no investment” while the “borrower’s mentality” is the backdoor approach to self-serving politics and where achieving the daily relevance for ‘successful’ politics, holds captive our future prosperity.

And from Marshall, the following:

“As long as the Republicans remain in thrall to anti-government populism, they won’t be able to pose as a credible party of growth. They won’t raise a penny of new revenue to invest in public goods that every economist since Adam Smith has recognized are essential to economic growth; they are against regulations that umpire competition and make markets work; they consider any public support for U.S. business (the Ex-Im Bank, for instance) as corporate welfare; and, their insistence on immediate and draconian cuts in public spending has actually slowed economic recovery. All this gives progressives a striking opportunity to seize the high ground of prosperity.”

Read more:

In closing, I will not find fault with the conservatives, both Republican and Democrats alike, when in the next twenty years, America begins the “process” to convince me that the former Confederate States, and followed by my geographical Icon, the Sonoran Desert, must be sold to the Mainland Chinese and done in order to pay down our national debt. And yet, my somewhat outrageous thinking of today is on display here, but The Outrageous will be the toxic politics of the future.

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