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Things the election 2014 pollsters are not taking into account


We are looking at the wrong numbers when we try and predict election results.

We are not paying attention to the issues that matter to voters.

Granted the Media is not covering these issues but people still care about these issues.

but but all the polls agree!

Yeah and if polling was sooo great at predicting elections then  why has modern computer polling never predicted that an election had been stolen because the election results did not jive with the pollsters results??   

Florida the first Bush Presidential Election, Ohio the second Bush Presidential election, Karl Rove’s on air freakout over Ohio not going Mitt Romney’s way and Anonymous claiming to have stopped Karl Rove from stealing the election all come to mind as examples of none of the pollsters fancy computer voting models ever predicting that anything was amiss.  Polls that accept these huge repeated errors and don’t catch on accept the lies that excuse stolen elections as fact. We have now at least over a decade of stolen elections which produce bad data that is accepted as fact by pollsters. Minorities, poor women, young voters Gays etc all don’t turn out on election day…if you believe the stolen election results. I trust pollsters like African Americans trust the police in Ferguson, like Women trust Rush Limbaugh for marriage advice, like Lefites trust that Obama has a pair and is fighting for the issues he got elected on:)

Notice Obama has never investigated allegations of election fraud so how can we trust the Voting System? Obama never investigated the banks and we still don’t trust the banks, so why should we trust modern polling of the voting system that one way or another is paid for and manipulated by the banks/1%?

Fine elections are stolen but why should we not believe the pollsters predicting a GOP wave and even if its not true what does it matter?

First lets answer the last question first why does it matter because either we fix America at the ballot box, have a slow collapse of our Empire, or have a revolution probably a violent one. I don’t want to support a revolution until I can say we did try everything before we revolted and I do mean everything!

First Question why should we not believe the pollsters predicting a GOP wave

Pollsters love to say Obama is a historically unpopular for a president but what they neglect to say is this might be the first time in American History that the other party is even more unpopular. But Pollsters would have you believe that Americans will choose the Greater Evil?  


Approve Disapprove Unsure    
% % %    


21 71 8


The newest Zogby Analytics poll shows President Barack Obama’s overall approval rating at 44%, while 54% disapprove, and 2% are not sure. The new online poll, conducted October 3-5

24% approval trumps 44% approval???  sure the races are mostly in Red States, but those Southern are filled with African Amercans pissed off about Ferguson and every other police shooting hat has happened since notice how many police shootings of African Americans are making the news these days?


Not terribly long ago in a country that many people misremember, if they knew it at all, a black person was killed in public every four days for often the most mundane of infractions, or rather accusation of infractions – for taking a hog, making boastful remarks, for stealing 75 cents. For the most banal of missteps, the penalty could be an hours-long spectacle of torture and lynching. No trial, no jury, no judge, no appeal. Now, well into a new century, as a family in Ferguson, Missouri, buries yet another American teenager killed at the hands of authorities, the rate of police killings of black Americans is nearly the same as the rate of lynchings in the early decades of the 20th century.

About twice a week, or every three or four days, an African American has been killed by a white police officer in the seven years ending in 2012 according to studies of the latest data compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That number is incomplete and likely an undercount, as only a fraction of local police jurisdictions even report such deaths –


A Pew study last week found that 80% of black Americans polled, preoccupied by the killing of Brown at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson and its aftermath, felt that the case raised important issues about race. Only 37% of white respondents felt that way,

I don’t know what the pollsters are thinking but if 80% of African Americans are preoccupied by Ferguson I would think that many of them are going to be energized, enthusatic  voters.

But but… White Voters are just more energized than 80% of African Americans!


The Pollsters say so!

What is motivating the GOP this election? Control of the Senate and the House but is anyone predicting a veto proof majority in the Senate for the GOP? Without that the GOP accomplishes what more Presidential vetoes.

Why didn’t the GOP get enthused about taking over the Senate and the Presidency when Obama last ran for President? What big issues are motivating the GOP this year? Stopping Obamacare why didn’t the House have one last symbolic vote to cancel Obamacare  then before the election when it really matters? Why didn’t the GOP house and Ted Cruz try and shut down the US government again before the election to prove a point about cutting the budget? Why no more crazy comments about how Women’s bodies don’t get pregnant when they are raped?  No comments about tax cuts for the rich paid for by cuts in social security benefits? Come on if you expect me to believe the GOP is winning then show me what the GOP is running on.

The GOP is running against Obama!

But why?

Because he’s Black

But he governs like he is George Bush’s 4th term

It don’t matter that he is to the Right of Reagan and Nixon he’s Black

He was black the last 2 times he ran for election and then you at least had some issues to run on against him and African Americans did not have Ferguson pissing them off then. We don’t know if Anonymous will stoop the GOP stealing the vote. But what ever the election results we do know that modern polling is a fiction used to excuse stolen elections.


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