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The Roundup for October 13th, 2014

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Hey folks, how are you doing this Monday?

International Politics


– Even if Iran decided to join with the U.S. or even decided to officially join the war with an active presence, then it would become unpopular in the country, according to Trita Parsi. Yet both sides are unofficially coordinating with each other on this fight.

– Juan Cole: “Listening to Nobelist Malala Yousafzai instead of just honoring her

– UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon criticized Israel for expanding its settlements and called it “provocations

Middle East

– Economist Shir Hever explains privatization efforts in Israel are being blocked by workers and industries, with Palestine being used by both sides (although some industries like the military are using it) to advance their agenda

– Based on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, there does not seem to be a clear agreement between Fatah and Hamas

– Three suicide attacks were reported near Kobani, Syria, although no casualties occurred as a result.

– The UN estimates more than 180,000 civilians fled from the Anbar province in Iraq due to the fighting

– Throughout Baghdad, Iraq, three bombs went off and killed at least 30 people

Asia and Oceania

– Despite the time and money invested by the U.S. to eradicate drug crops in Afghanistan, one in 20 civilians still use drugs.

– Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said he will confront Russian President Vladimir Putin on Russian involvement in the downing of Flight MH17

– Demonstrators in Hong Kong clamoring for democracy have reinforced barricades after attacks by counter-protesters

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Bolivian President Evo Morales was re-elected for his third term in office in a landslide win

Surveillance Planet

– Privacy International, an organization dealing with the rights of citizens, requested the British government investigate Gamma Group, a surveillance program, for alleged surveillance of Bahrani activists in the country

Financial Matters

– Dean Baker: “The Deficit Is Down and the Deficit Hawks Are Furious

– While we know about the government’s efforts to militarize the state and local police forces, private firms have delivered spy gear to them as well.

A new poll found one in four Americans are not sure they can pay their medical bills

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Part two of two with Yuezhi Zhao, a professor in Canada, on how the Western narrative on democracy in China neglects the role labor has in resisting privatization efforts

– Airport workers are unhappy about Ebola screenings since they are not given proper gear to protect themselves

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: Registered voters prefer Republicans over Democrats on important issues such as immigration, the ISIL, the economy, jobs and more; Can’t blame voters for having a lesser-than-two-evils system

– Disclosed documents from Bill Clinton’s time as president show one instance of a military official going against gays in the military, equating them to Nazis

Anytown USA

– The Real News provides a report on “Weekend of Resistance” in Ferguson, Mo.; Plus, Kevin is in the area as well so I recommend catching his work.

– Police in St. Louis, Mo., continue to change the story on the death of Vonderrit Myers

– History is repeating itself in Ferguson as some younger activists do not agree with the idea of pure peace actions

– A juvenile jail in Arkansas uses restraints on some of its detainees that can be called “torture.”

We Don’t Need No Education

– Journalist Sarah Jaffe reports on a teacher in Massachusetts who believes his decision to fight against posting up the grades of students on a wall cost him his job.

– Students at Harvard University are fighting against the Teach for America program, used in privatization efforts

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The head of the National Institute of Health blamed budget cuts for the slow response against Ebola

– Are hospitals in the U.S. prepared if an outbreak of Ebola were to occur? Not really.

– In a related note, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention warned U.S. hospitals to ensure proper diagnosis of Ebola after the first two cases in the U.S.

– The World Health Organization warns Ebola may lead to failed states in West Africa

Planet Earth

– After facing two class lawsuits on how it raises its chickens, Perdue will remove “humanely raised” on all products containing chicken.

Two studies found air pollution to blame for increasing climate change rather than carbon dioxide

– Naomi Klein: “Can Climate Change Unite the Left?

– We may be able to see the serious effects of global warming by 2030 when sea levels start to rise

– As a result of the Ebola outbreak, production of chocolate is estimated to decline due to effects on the workforce

– The Pentagon announced their focus on military training and tactics would be changed, as a result of climate change

Mixed Bag

– Chris Hedges: “Ordained to Write

– French economist Jean Tirole received the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work on the dominance of major companies

Break Time

Take the Power Back [Rage Against the Machine]

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