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Is Opposing War Without Understanding the Truth in Vain, or Worse?

“To oppose war without seeing through the deceptions is to act in vain. I have visited many websites that attempt to offer alternatives to the mainstream media, but I have been disappointed repeatedly by their inability or refusal to challenge these myths and deceptions.”

Graeme MacQueen

The author of that quote hits on something that’s troubled me for years and is certainly applicable with the current war du jour supposedly against ISIL.

“To oppose war without seeing through the deceptions is to act in vain.”

Is it?

Many progressives, liberals, and democrats opposing this latest installment of U.S. imperialist warmongering still believe and perpetuate the narratives manufactured by our government, the corporate state media, and left and right wing thinktanks and organizations. Or as MacQueen stated, they have an “inability or refusal to challenge these myths and deceptions”. They might oppose the alleged bombing of ISIL in Iraq and Syria, but they generally accept and perpetuate the narratives presented by the corporate state media to the public about ISIL and the reasons for Obama’s latest installment of war.

The same goes with the progressive/leftist alternative media that is “attempting to offer alternatives to the mainstream media”. There are many websites that provide an alternative to the corporate/state media but the more they try to act like the “respectable” mainstream, the more they are like the mainstream. They get caught in the same game.

Some examples of how the government//mainstream propaganda narrative is wittingly or unwittingly supported by many on the left who oppose this war include: “We need to stop ISIL but bombing isn’t the way to do it.; “the U.S. can’t be the world’s policeman”, and  “every time we try to intervene we fuck it up even more”..

That type of rationale actually supports the government narratives while ignoring the real facts. “We need to stop ISIL but bombing isn’t the way to do it” ignores the fact that the purpose for our government’s bombing in Iraq and Syria isn”t to stop ISIL. ISIL is being used as a cover to bomb Iraq and Syria with the goal of regime change, destablization and balkanization of Iraq and Syria. What is happening is an extension of the global war OF terror, itself a fraud and a cover for U.S. imperialism.

The statement “we can’t be the world’s policeman” completely hides the point of the U..S./NATO military alliance which is to rule the damn world, Full Spectrum Dominance. Inferring that the monstrous U.S. military and intelligence machine is acting as a policeman indicates a protect and serve , Global Force for Good, protecting democracy around the world agenda. Nothing could be farther from the truth. General Smedley Butler nailed it many decades ago and it couldn’t be more applicable today, “War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.” General Butler knew the U.S. military was not being used as the “world’s policeman”, it was being used as “a high class muscle- man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.”

The “every time we try to intervene we fuck it up even more” narrative blindly bypasses the real reason our evil rulers leave so much death and destruction in their “interventionist” wake. It’s simple, that’s what they want. To believe or insinuate otherwise is buying into the narrative that the wars are for altruistic purposes, that the purpose wasn’t to fuck the country up, but they just keep doing it anyway. That’s absurd.

The perpetuation of these narratives by those that actually oppose Obama’s wars certainly doesn’t help. That would indicate the opposition is not only in vain, but counterproductive. The truth is hidden, not talked about, and the lies and propaganda from the ruling class are supported. I don’t know how that can be a good thing.

What is NOT talked about is just as telling. Our controllers have been highly successful at inhibiting debate by labeling people who talk about certain things as conspiracy theorists. In these cases, like 9/11 and the JFK murder, anyone who espouses different views than the “official government story” is labeled a tin foil hat wacko, a Truther (ironically), or worse. It clearly prevents discussion about those issues.

There’s no talk about the CIA, Mossad, or MI6; like 9/11, the “intelligence” agencies” are not to be talked about. Shouldn’t it have to be proven that the CIA is NOT involved at this point? How many on the left have actually reviewed the history of CIA activities? Can anyone really believe that the U.S. is having another war, a regime change, and not understand the CIA has been involved since the beginning? The evidence is there to be found, the modus operandi is in the history books, time and time again.

What about imperialism and Zionism?. What about the quest for “Greater Israel?” There’s plenty of talk about neoconservatism and the republicans from the left, but when it comes to Israel and Zionism, the mainstream progressive alternative media pretending to present an alternative to the corporate (billionaires, i.e., the ruling class) media falls silent. Again, like 9/11, the respectable progressive media won’t go there. They’re afraid of the labels, afraid of losing the advertising and afraid of losing their money trains. Most of their followers simply fall in line.

It was the same with the Libya war and regime change. A majority of the conservative establishment partisan democrats (i.e., Daily Kos types) supported Obama’s, sadistic seven month bombing campaign dropping nearly 8000 bombs and missiles on the people of Libya, turning the country into a literal hell hole. But it wasn’t just the conservative Democrats that applauded that illegal and Imperialist crime against humanity, there were many of the so called progressives and leftists riding the same train. The humanitarians, responsibility to protect. And if they didn’t support it, they certainly perpetuated the false narratives and lies about Gaddafi provided by Obama and his henchmen/women. The same thing as with ISIL, “Gaddafi is a bad guy who is killing his own people but bombing isn’t the way to solve this.” Narrative swallowed, hook, line and sinker.

Then came the Syria war. Those that knew the deceptions from the Libya war (and Iraq and Afghanistan), also knew that what was being reported about Syria was simply more lies and deception. The same tactics used against the Libya government and people were used against the Assad government and the Syrian people. At first, the left screamed that Assad was killing his people, just like Gaddafi, just like Saddam. They were conflicted, they still are. They couldn’t admit the violence was being caused from the outside, orchestrated by the United States along with Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, and others to effect another regime change and country balkanization. It wasn’t until Saudi Arabia’s role became clear in the corporate/state media that the progressives collectively admitted this was more a proxy, sectarian driven war than a civil war. But they still don’t admit the U.S. role in orchestrating and guiding the action.

Now they look at Libya and say, “oh, maybe it wasn’t such a good thing, I oppose more war”. They still don’t know or won’t acknowlege the truth about Libya. They still don’t accept the truth about Syria.

Most of these same people still vote for politicians from the democratic party. The lesser evil clan. The democratic party that is fully on board with U.S. Imperialism. The U.S. Imperialsim that is a killer and destroyer of people. And people that profess to care about people want to vote for that? I don’t get it.

So, is opposing war without recognizing or acknowledging the truth in vain?

I think that’s being kind. If it was in vain, then there would be no effect, useless. Perpetuating (and believing) the propaganda narratives supplied by our controllers does have an effect, a negative effect. It’s counterproductive and goes a long way in explaining the absencce of an antiwar movement on the left and the perpetuation of the narratives and realities supplied to use by our controllers. For those in the progressive media that avoid talking about 9/11, U.S. imperialism, Israel Zionism, the chemical weapons false flag in Syria, the false flag shootdown of MH-17, the Greater Israel plan, Oded Yinon Plan, the Clean Break plan, the CIA, Mossad, MI6, and other key issues, refusing to discuss these issues show their true colors. They don’t want to rock the boat, get a label, lose their advertisers and visitors. Capitalism at play.  They prove themselves just more of the same.  Status quo.  Establishment.

We won’t win that way.

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