Government Shutdown Planned for December 11

Remember the first-termer Tea-Party-instigated-and-planned Government Shutdown of 2012? The one where the Republicans said that they were trying to force President Obama to undo Obamacare but was pretty much really something they wanted to do just because they could?

Remember how relieved you were that the dingbats behind it weren’t stupid enough to try it during an election year?

Well, guess what? They’re still going to try it — they’re just going to wait until after the election is over.

Roll Call has the skinny:

A group of Senate Republicans have their eye on another Obamacare showdown in the lame-duck session.

The 14 Republicans, led by Marco Rubio of Florida, wrote a letter urging Speaker John A. Boehner to ”prohibit the Obama administration” from spending money on an “Obamacare taxpayer bailout.”

That “taxpayer bailout”, aka the risk corridor, is one of the things holding down the cost of health insurance premiums. So of course the Republicans hate it and want it gone. They know their chances of actually eliminating it are nil, but just like for last year’s shutdown, having it as a pretext sounds a bit more dignified than “We’re shutting down the government because we can, so poopy on you”.

The full senatorial Gang of Fourteen: Marco Rubio of Florida, John Barrasso of Wyoming, Mike Lee of Utah, David Vitter of Louisiana, Ted Cruz of Texas, Michael Enzi of Wyoming, James Inhofe of Oklahoma, Jeff Sessions of Alabama, Deb Fischer of Nebraska, John McCain of Arizona, John Boozman of Arkansas, Pat Roberts of Kansas, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.

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