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Why we need the Comics Code Odin, Thor Patricide Genocide

Look at Norse Myths Odin is the good guy right he just killed his grandpa a frost giant to create the earth in our Bible Cain is a vilian for killing his brother but Odin is glorified in movies and comic books its a complete white wash if Odin was at Ferguson considering his publicity agent  Michael Brown would be Loki.

Later Thor kills all the giants with a flood except for one  Giant couple on a raft who later repopulate the race but again Thor is the good guy. Marvel Comics white washes Patricide and Genocide where is the comics code when you need it? I don’t like censorship but lying about stuff pisses me off.

I like that the Scandinavian countries have Gods who have flaws and they admit their flaws no matter how bad they are.  I dislike America where in our history heck even in our comic books we White Wash the Bad and make everything Happy Happy.

Reagan got Rid of the Fairness Doctrine there are now no 2 sides of a story reported just the side of the story with the most money. Fox News won a case so they can now lie about the News its freedom of speech! Never mind the News is a public service that network tv gives us in exchange for the right to broadcast tv and make a ton of cash. Fox News has no inherent right to Free Speech they are a corporation paid to do a job which is Inform the public not Brain Wash the public and spread hate and lies. Corporations are now people and they can and do spend unlimited amounts of money to spread hate and lies.

But to be fair the lies all start with comic books indoctrinating our kids in Happy Happy Odin, Thor, America is always the good guy history er mythology whether its Lynn Cheney arguing for a more White more upbeat American History like the stuff I learned wasn’t so sugery positive to give people diabetes. Or Texas ever mind how they teach history now they are teaching Creationism and doubts about Global Warming.

When we start lying about science our education system becomes the portrait of Dorian Grey. The more evil we become the more sensitive our collective egos become to criticism in history and now even science and it all starts with comic books.

Males tend to read comic books more than females is this why we tend to have more sensitive egos?

Brainwashing starts when the young learn to love heroes like Odin, Thor etc then learn the truth later on  of course many will deny the truth and stick to pleasant fantasy. This trend is encouraged in school histories where pioneers are not made out to be the genocidal American Indian killing manics they were ( I mean small pox blankets given to Indian children just how low can you get?) Now we deny climate change because its inconvient to a few rich oil men’s revenue stream. The portrait of Dorian Grey that is American comics, history, science and MainStream Media hides a Dodo bird sticking his head ever deeper with each new lie into the sand waiting to go extinct.

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