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Late Night: MENA Mashup: Kobane, ISIS, and Our MIC

Now, it’s interesting how the actual Kurds on the ground, are portraying it too…

The Arabization of Rojava, Kurdistan of Syria is on a grand scale

Under pressure from the European Union, a few years ago the Turks reduced the decade of oppression on their Kurdish people. Even Erdogan, the Turkish President, has been involved in direct talks with the PKK, perhaps to distract the world attention from his support of radical Islam. This is especially true for the Sunni Arab extremist Islamic state, ISIL. The Erdogan government trained and equipped these radical Islamic extremists and sent them to Syria. They started controlling territories in Syria and Iraq and were joined by tens of thousands of Sunni Arabs, including the Baathists from Mosul, Iraq to Raga, Syria.

For the Turks, it was not as important to go after the regime of Assad as it was to continue with the Arabization of Kurdistan of Syria by ISIL.

Their goal is to control and destroy the three Kurdish autonomous zones. Kobani is located in one of those zones. These autonomous zones are protected by the Popular Protection Unit, YPG. They are the Kurdish freedom fighters that affiliate themselves with the PKK. The truth is, if it weren’t for the PKK, the Turks would have wiped out the Kurdish identity in Kurdistan of Turkey. The PKK and YPG are Kurdish freedom fighters who have been labeled by the Turks as terrorist organizations.

The United States seems to have forgotten how America was liberated if it were not for their freedom fighters. They even refer to them as the founding fathers. Unfortunately, the United States is supporting the Turks and they also refer to PKK and YPG as terrorist organizations. For the last few weeks Kobani has been attacked by the terrorist Islamist fighters from the West, East and South. In the north the Turkish authorities are preventing supplies and reinforcements from getting to Kobani. The Turkish objective is for ISIL to force out all the Kurds from Syria and Arabitize their land. Their second objective is to massacre all the YPG. Those people who run for safety to the border will be held by the Turks in prison camps.

Sounds like they don’t appreciate Erdo?an’s lack luster effort, one whit, either…!

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