[Yes, Lewis Black uses a bad word, NSFW! NSFW!]

As we careen toward another day of the national expression of our citizens’ desire to affect policy and choose our leaders in this the world’s oldest constitutional democracy – political electees (as usual) are scrambling to thwart the ability of Americans to cast votes in their effort to maintain their cushy power positions and create impediments to our citizens who believe they can use democracy to dismantle old boy battlements that elevate and defend entrenched oligarchy enabling policies.

Voter suppression actions are as old as democracy itself, having the effect of instilling apathy in electorates – we live in a democracy where less than half of eligible voters choose to use their voices when we select our leaders.

While it is true that the duopoly of bought off protectors of wealth leads only to Americans being offered status quo protecting policy options (leading many to agree with Emma Goldman who observed, “If voting changed anything it would have been outlawed long ago”) we can see that the participation of citizens in democracy can actually advance the ‘will of the people’ in the recent national push to circumvent the duopoly that is the movement to legalize medical and recreational cannabis.

One of the organizations that has defended the right of all Americans admirably in the face of concerted anti-democratic voter suppression efforts over the years has been the American Civil Liberties Union. As in past election years, the ACLU is this year reminding citizens to lend their voices in their vote and defending the right of all citizens to vote. Remember, in America, poll taxes and tests are illegal.

As entrenched politicos across America limit or end early voting and pass laws to require state IDs to vote (a veiled poll tax that effects the poor) the ACLU is challenging anti-democracy laws that limit American’s voting rights.

In its effort to protect the voice of all citizens, the ACLU has enlisted comic Lewis Black to help raise awareness of our corrupted power addled politicians erecting walls that prevent Americans from owning their democracy. Quite simply, and as Black expresses concisely, “Elected officials shouldn’t get to choose who chooses elected officials.”


patrick devlin

patrick devlin