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Friday, good morning.

International Politics


– Ray McGovern: “Guantanamo’s Force-Feeding Challenged

– An online poll found a disturbing number of Israeli respondents, 46 percent, would want Ebola to be sent to President Barack Obama. This reflects a society of entitlement and privilege despite the huge support given by the U.S.

Middle East

– In Baqouba, Iraq, a suicide car bomb killed nine people at a police checkpoint

– Airstrikes by the Syrian government left 25 people dead in a city outside of Damascus

– Rebels in Syria do not believe airstrikes are effective against the Islamic State. Rather, they bolster Bashar al-Assad’s government.

– David Graeber questions why there is not more support for the Kurdish Workers’ Party in its fight against the ISIL, but for creating a new way of life

Asia and Oceania

– Wealth inequality is so huge in China that the elites would stick by the status quo no matter what happens to the rest of the population

– UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon: Pakistan and India should resolve dispute over Kashmir with talks rather than violence

– A suicide bomb in Sana’a, Yemen, killed more than 20 people, which only adds to the instability within the country

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.