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The community that began with Southern Dragon’s Lakeside Diner continues. Today we collect news from outside the usual, and renew the discussion.

Nobel prize winners have joined together to call attention to the crisis condition our world has reached, and to advise the inhabitants of it that activity to improve the environment must be engaged in now, before we destroy the medium of our own existence.   Acknowledging its own role in depredation of the planet, major deforestation agent Asia Pulp and Paper  has agreed to limit its logging to plantations, and cut off suppliers found taking down resources deemed disadvantageous to the environment.

From global warming, deforestation and soil and water degradation to ocean acidification, chemical pollution and environmentally-triggered diseases, the list of planetary ailments is long and growing, Doherty (Peter Doherty, 1996 co-winner of the Nobel prize for medicine) said.

The worsening crisis means consumers, businesses and policymakers must consider the impact on the planet of every decision they make, he said.

“We need to think sustainability – food sustainability, water sustainability, soil sustainability, sustainability of the atmosphere.”

Tahitan first nation occupiers blocked access to their lands to stop mining activity like that that released poisonous sludge into salmon fishing areas of  Monckton, New Brunswick.

“A few women came up from Secwepemc territory and did a presentation about what happened at Mount Polley,” said Klabona Keepers spokesperson Rhoda Quock, who I reached by phone on Saturday.

One of those women was Kanahus Manuel, Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society member and co-founder of a resistance camp I visited at Mount Polley’s entrance road in August. She brought photos and testimony from the spill site—claiming virtually nothing has been done to contain the metallic sludge and sediment in Quesnel Lake, Polley Lake, and Hazeltine Creek. “The elders cried,” Manual said. “That first day we spoke it was like a funeral.”


A press release from blockade organizers says that no government, company, or police force has jurisdiction on unceded Tahltan territory: “There has been no treaty, no purchase.” With a history of standing up to industry and RCMP without violence—in 2004, in 2006, in 2009, in 2013, and most recently in August—if anyone is prepared to peacefully respond to potential police aggression, it’s the Klabona Keepers.

A Taliban leader claiming a successful attack by Talibani troops released his location when he tweeted out the news, then insisted that the slip was a plot against him.

On Friday, Zabihullah Mujahid, 42, was attempting to use Twitter to claim an attack by the group – whose Pakistani branch on Sunday declared allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The location embedded in the tweet – a feature which allows Twitter users to opt-in to – showed that Mujahid was in the Sindh region in southwestern Pakistan – far from the Afghan border.


Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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