We Should Create Two New Partisan Budget Offices



A new concern among some Liberal commentators is that if Republicans win control of the Senate they will change how the Congressional Budget Office works to make its results more pro-Republicans. Mainly it is fear they will have it adopt a form of “dynamic scoring” which assumes tax cuts almost always spurs growth.

This has given me an idea. In addition to the non-partisan CBO, Congress should create two new partisan budget offices, one Democratic and one Republican. They would be modeled, funded, and run just like the CBO but the employees of each would be selected only be their corresponding party leaders.

The economy is the top issue for voters and the disagreements between Democrats and Republicans on how to address it are substantial. Often the parties don’t just ideologically disagree on what are acceptable tradeoffs they often fundamentally disagree on what impact new policies will actually have on the economy. I say lets put this disagreement to a real test.

Lets have both parties choose teams of economists to make official predictions about the impact of each major bill. Lets get the parties on record. Over the years we will then be able to see how well the predictions fit reality and see if one party’s outlook is more accurate. We will have a real test of who understands the economy and what it needs better.

If Republicans truly believe dynamic scoring produces better results they should welcome this opportunity. If they are actually right, their partisan budget office would prove it by out performing the non partisan CBO and the Democratic budget office.

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