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The Roundup for October 7th, 2014

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Hey there folks, what are you doing today?

International Politics


– As journalist Patrick Cockburn explains to The Real News, airstrikes against the Islamic State are a failure and the organization continues to grow

– Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an warned ISIL militants were closing in on a Syrian town on their border

– As some readers previously noted, there is truth to U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden’s comment on Saudi Arabia’s, Turkey’s, etc., involvement with militants in the Middle East

Middle East

– Despite Yemen’s President appointing a new prime minister, rebels in the country refused to recognize him

– A UN official said there were four chemical weapon facilities the Syrian government did not mention before

Asia and Oceania

– As journalist Peter King argues on The Real News, what is happening in Hong Kong is unique and tightly organized compared to other movements within China

– Two drone strikes in Pakistan killed at least 10 people and there is suspicion such strikes were by the U.S.


– Russia’s Financial Minister does not believe spending for the military could continue as it was

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– The deaths of migrants from many Latin American countries in 2010 was the fault of Mexico, the U.S. and other governments refusing to address the issue of migrants, according to a new report

Surveillance Planet

– Twitter sued the U.S. government over the right to warn its users of government surveillance

Financial Matters

– The current Congressional hearings involving AIG in the early days of the 2007-08 financial crisis should be watched to learn what arguments were used to help the company and what decisions were made

– Wow: 59 percent of Millennials would considering moving overseas if they found a job

– Retailers will be offering as much as possible to get rich shoppers out for this upcoming season since they are predicted to drive sales

– Economists with Morgan Stanley believe the auto industry in general is dying, with advances technology as the major reason

– The International Monetary Fund does not believe the world can return to its economic growth before 2007-08, based on new data

Labor’s a-Brewing

– The minimum wage increase signed by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio suffers from major problems, the only way forward is an increase for all working class folk

– Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, called for Democratic candidates to act more populist and be aggressive with a progressive stance

– The Department of Labor finalized guidelines for federal employees to make $10.10 per hour beginning Jan. 1

– Wal-Mart announced it would cut health benefits for part-time employees as costs relating to health care are rising

Politics US

Washington USA

– While Republicans seem likely to win this November, the issue of corruption and inaction certainly will persist if nothing is done

– Jason Leopold: “Guantanamo’s Controversial Force-Feeding Policies Go on Trial

– Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta wrote in his new book how Rahm Emanuel, former chief of staff of President Barack Obama, became angry with Panetta for talking about torture

Anytown USA

– Federal judges ruled the voter ID law in Wisconsin, which critics call restrictive, is constitutional

– More complaints from New York City residents came in over chokeholds from New York City police officers

We Don’t Need No Education

– Pew: Across the all classes, more students are taking out bigger student loans

– Sarah Jaffe: “Philadelphia’s school reform debacle: Despised governor crosses the line

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– In a classic example of sweeping problems under the rug, the decision to burn medical waste only caused major side effects threatening the health of affected communities

– U.S. General David Rodriguez estimated it would cost $750 million for our military response to the Ebola virus in Liberia

– A new report found foods labeled as “natural” actually contain genetically modified ingredients

The Second Sex

– The role women played in Egypt to push forth democracy in the country was critical and they faced setbacks as well, which still persist to this day

– Jessica Valenti: “‘Yes means yes’ laws will not actually reclassify all sex at universities as rape

– Actress Jennifer Lawrence said leaking nude photos, specifically their publication online, is a sex crime

Mixed Bag

– Comedian Lee Camp speaks with Salon about his show, Redacted Tonight, on RT. As someone who started watching from the beginning, I definitely recommend it.

– According to a new study, it’s time that restricts our creativity since we feel controlled by it

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