This is a post about Homeland, season 4 episode one, part one titled  “Drone Queen.”  This is chock full of spoilers, but it’s not a recap or review, more of a starting point to talk about issues that strike me. If you haven’t watched the episode and intend to, scroll on by.

“You two are going to have to put your heads together and find me a way to spin this”  

  -CIA director, Andrew Lockhart 

Since I’ve read two fiction books about drones I’m going to consider myself an expert.  Just like the people who wrote this fictional episode. Sure, they might have done non-fictional reading and talked to people who started the drone program., but then again, so have I. (The Sting of the Drone and Kill Decision)

This episode set up all sorts if interesting conversations that we should be having in America, but aren’t. Discussions about:

The extensive use of drones in other countries

The personal impact on the people and family being killed and their response
The personal impact on the people and families doing the killing and how they respond

How intelligence is gathered, used or misused.

How everyone fits in the system depending on what their job is and what happens if you don’t follow the script.

The big picture of  War and the small personal picture of war. 

Whenever I hear someone saying, “We need to have a national conversation about…” I want to roll my eyes. Maybe you are rolling your eyes right now. The thing is we really don’t have a national conversations on most of these issues.  We have politicians and weapons salesmen going to the media with already made decisions and then watching the reactions. Based on the reactions they modify their position to see how best they can get to the decision they want.

The last non-conversation was on the recent drone war and air strikes on ISIS and Syria.



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