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War Criminal Panetta Says ISIL War to Last THIRTY YEARS, Global War OF Terror for Fifty Years!

War Criminal Leon Panetta, the former DOD and CIA Director under War Criminal Obama, has come out and said what all the war criminals are thinking. The war on ISIL will last at least 30 years.  In other words, U.S. imperialism will continue for decades unless the feckless American people stop it.

“I think we’re looking at kind of a 30-year war,” Leon Panetta told USA Today in an interview published on Monday, criticizing President Barack Obama for his decisions regarding terrorism in the past three years.

The battle against extremism should extend beyond ISIL in Iraq and Syria to include emerging threats in Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and elsewhere, he said.”

It reminds me of when War Criminal George W. Bush said, “This Crusade is going to take awhile”.

I remember telling people back in 2004/2005 what some U.S. and British Generals were saying about the Global War OF Terror. They were flat out saying it would last at least twenty years, some were simply saying decades.  They were right, we’re now over 13 years into the GWOT and now they’re saying it will be a fifty year war.  Disbelieve at your own peril.


How is this even possible? I’m not talking about the possibility of a war lasting fifty years.  I’m talking about how can reasonable people actually believe this bullshit?  How can people think “we” need to be at war for fifty years?

It’s all a cover for U.S. imperialism. That’s all it is. That’s what the thirty years is about, the time they think necessary to complete their hegemonic plans for oil and natural gas and oil pipelines, country balkanizations,  the Greater Israel agenda, Iran, Russia, China and Africa, etc.  That’s how much more time they need to complete their plan for world domination.   Should we give it to them?  Hell no, it has to stop now.

We must stop U.S. imperialism.

Now would be a good time. Unless the people really do want thirty more years of war.

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