The Roundup

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It’s the start of a brand-new week everyone! Let’s hope sunshine stays with us.

International Politics


– U.S. officials say Islamic State militants use the tactic of beheadings in response to deaths of members by airstrikes

– Meetings were held in Turkey between Turkish intelligence and an official of the Syrian Kurds

– U.S. Vice President Joe Biden apologized to Saudi Arabia for saying the country supported militants in Syria

Middle East

– In this interview with Radio Free Iraq, a Kurdish General calls for reinforcements as well as help since Kurdish forces are struggling to get supplies

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called American criticism of new settlements in Israel “anti-American“; Wait, what?

Asia and Oceania

– Over the weekend, bombings throughout Pakistan killed at least 10 people and wounded more than 25

– Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers: “Hong Kong: Now The Hard Part, Kick US Out, Build National Consensus

– Speaking of Hong Kong, protesters were warned by local authorities to disperse or else face consequences; Sounds very familiar…

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