Cloth masks are easy to toss in bleach solution. However, removing US supplied ventilators create more risk of contamination when removing after work. Thomas Duncan (who slipped in from Liberia) possessions are scheduled to be burned rather than just heated to 180 degrees like apartments are that are full of bedbugs.

The internet is full of hysterical comments like allowing no travel to or from Africa to the US, usually combined with insults against Obama. Drastic restrictions of trade and travel could spread the Depression that now grips West Africa to the US. People with a lot of money can slip in by traveling to another country and forging an identity, then reluctant seek help when getting a fever hoping it is something else. Two people who were on the lost flight that disappeared had a forged identity. When robbery isn’t involved there is little reason for authorities to find out.

The same kind of hysterics stopped Debo Adegbille from being appointed to the Justice Department, and Hamid Abougalebi banned from the US and thus not able to attend to his job as the Iranian Ambassador to the UN. Instead of the lies being corrected their supporters just blogged what fine gentlemen they were. Few today even bother to respond the most incredulous comment such as people from all Africa should be banned from the US only the same let’s lower our voices responses. I fear if others don’t join me in sharp rebuttal, this could actually lead to ridiculous government forms with stiff penalties for omissions before being allowed to enter an airport or apply for a job that requires meeting the public, “Have you ever seen or been near a person with a flu condition in the last two weeks or know a person who might have? If so, explain with every detail”. Or, “Who have you met in the last year who may be an illegal alien?” People being forced to lie on forms then trying to hide rather than seeking immediate care when one get sick. Somehow jingoists think people coming over the Southern border may be given Ebola infected garments. This, even though Coyotes know they would get a big US reward for reporting someone with a middle eastern accent trying to give clothing to undocumented border crossers.

I Repeat:

Please fellow readers remember how few complained about the smears against Debo Adegbile, being nominated to serve in the Justice Department or for Hamid Aboutalebi to be the Iranian Ambassador to the UN until after the mud stuck, don’t wait to after many lie on forms and end up hiding from health care to respond to these smears. Join me in responding on the gossip news sites.

Sensible measures would be to keep airplane cargo bays extra hot and where baggage is stored as well (a section where baggage has a label not to be heated) laundromats could be at airports near the luggage pick up area. Passengers could wear thermometers that transmit signals to a hospital, mandated to keep wearing them as long as they are at risk. Hand-washing basins in front of airport concession stands (PS I do remember ultra violate lights on toilet seats that got people electrocuted. Perhaps such lights today could be battery powered. Seeing a doctor if one gets a fever should require no co-pay and paid sick leave should be automatic if anything is contagious. Those who have friends who may be undocumented shouldn’t fear the friend being deported if they report being near them.

The US is rushing expensive equipment to exhausted non-tech savvy nurses making them scary-looking to Africans who have legitimate fears that if they have a fever and are sent to an Ebola treatment center (more a hospice then a hospital) they may get Ebola there. Malaria is rampant and resembles Ebola for the first few days.. Locals throw DDT (banned by most of the world) around their neighborhood. If the US would hold it’s nose and provide a professional spraying for mosquitoes it would be less DDT in the long run.

Cuba is sending doctors. It would save money and help stop an epidemic if the US would end the embargo of Cuba, and support them instead. United UN action removed chemical weapons from Syria, unity could solve our other problems as well.

One thing that is weird, health care workers who contact Ebola die more often then others despite getting more intensive care, is it because they have poor lungs from inhaling a lot of bleach, their bodies having not enough practice fighting germs? are already weak with exhaustion or because they are in isolation in private rooms? US survivors who recovered with Zmapp talk of the total loneliness while ordinary Africans have other sick patients in the same room. Dr. George Risi wrote inspiringly about patients helping patients at Sierra Leone’s vastly overcrowded Kenema General Hospital, where one would expect to find only horror stories. Margaret McCauley nursed her far sicker husband and saved the lives of several babies rocking them and feeding them. To slightly change the subject mothers, before baby-food, used to chew the food for their infants with less burping and stomach upsets then bottled baby-food would do.

Reference links, Dr. Jesse William Lazear,

Kenema General Hospital: Margaret McCauley,

How can we be so mesmerized by modern science and cleanliness efforts that we forget the most basic and useful ways of treating patients that our ancestors knew. As with Small Pox in the past, survivors could care for the newly infected without masks or gloves. With future epidemics (more likely swine flu than mutated Ebola) families that get sick together must be housed together. We must end the lonely isolation of being sick in a hospital that keeps getting more intense as the efforts at a sterile environment keep increasing. Ebola mandates this!

With Yellow Fever one man got the Yellow Fever epidemic under control two or three years earlier than otherwise. Dr. Jesse William Lazear, who was Army Corps of Engineer Dr. Walter Reed’s assistant put mosquitoes on his arm and caught Yellow Fever. Before he died other Army Corps of Engineer Doctors followed his example proving the new tentative theory that mosquito spread Yellow Fever. With far less risk one Ebola survivor could set the ball rolling for saving thousands, if not more Ebola victims. I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere in an isolated part of Sierra Leone a survivor is taking care of the sick and the medical staff coming in belatedly to warn and help not even being aware of this. Will we have to wait for Thomas Duncan, who slipped in from Liberia, and who might survive Ebola and faces Liberia demanding that he be returned to face charges of lying on the forms. He might be able to avoid jail if he volunteers to work without masks and gloves. It is as if I am in a fairy tale, like the “Emperor’s New Clothes” where I see something obvious to me that others can’t see. Every suggestion in this article should be obvious, but somehow isn’t.



I'm retired in Philadelphia. Non religious but there seems to be a life force that I see as more personal than is usually expressed.

I was raised a Quaker (common with Christian Jewish intermarriage back them) But my father was a total pacifist and during World War II, at the time that being so was difficult.

Upbringing included father trying not to get physical, yet still defend us kids from my harsh stepmother until she got her citizenship papers, after which they could get divorced. Been involved in peace issues since the anti-fallout shelter protests through Vietnam and Iraq.

I wrote "Greedy Little Squirrels and Lifeboat ethics,” 1977, when the Moonies were coming to America and got heavily harassed by them. I also think bin Laden is extremely dangerous like the leader of a barroom brawl, who has been manipulating this country into using the US to get Muslims angry enough to join his suicidal permanent war group. Before 9/11 young Muslims rebelled by wearing by covering their hair a little less than expected and at least winking at each other, now he changed rebellion into being militancy. The Northern Alliance would have been legitimately in charge long ago had he not baited the US into entering Afghanistan.

Obama is making a mistake in my mind with how to stop bin Laden’s dream of permanent war in a divided world but less of a mistake than most anyone else would. If due to currency collapses from out ever more expensive weapons the US stops fighting al Qaeda, then other counties will. If it ends up being Iran, the Sunni Shiite divide will be enormous. Al Qaeda is already convinced that the atheist China is a serious enemy, and the Russians have fought for brutally and inadvertently convinced far more Muslims than the US did that they considered Islam itself to be the enemy.

I never stopped supporting Jimmy Carter when everyone turned on him and I support Obama as well, but think he will have to use a lot more persuasion and less force if they aren’t going to succeed at bankrupting us. However Obama has tried less force and al Qaeda has started to respond in kind trying to limit the victim’s in the way of their primary attacks.
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Richard Kane (Philadelphia)
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