The Roundup

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Hey folks! Glad it’s Thursday as I finished two exams today. The weekend should be refreshing.

International Politics


– A new report from the United Nations blamed the Islamic State of committing war crimes based on testimony from more than 500 witnesses

Middle East

– There is no doubt Saudi Arabia is satisfied with the ISIL as it is fulfilling a job of creating instability in Iraq and Syria

– According to one Iraqi official, the ISIL crisis has not brought unity among the Kurdish government in the north and the national government

– Noam Chomsky: “Keeping Gaza in a Stranglehold

– The Palestinian Authority threatened to go to the International Criminal Court if Israel does not leave Palestinian territory

– The mayor of Jerusalem affirmed construction of settlements in the city without any hesitation

Asia and Oceania

– According to one U.S. general, deaths by Taliban forces among Afghan soldiers and police were increasing despite retaking provinces and cities under their control

An interview with journalist John Pilger on his experience as a reporter in Vietnam, and why there’s still relevant to talk about the war violence

– The top official in Hong Kong refuses to step down but is open to talks with demonstrators, China told the U.S. not to interfere


– Glenn Greenwald: “After feigning love for Egyptian democracy, the U.S. is back to openly supporting tyranny

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