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Hey folks! Glad it’s Thursday as I finished two exams today. The weekend should be refreshing.

International Politics


– A new report from the United Nations blamed the Islamic State of committing war crimes based on testimony from more than 500 witnesses

Middle East

– There is no doubt Saudi Arabia is satisfied with the ISIL as it is fulfilling a job of creating instability in Iraq and Syria

– According to one Iraqi official, the ISIL crisis has not brought unity among the Kurdish government in the north and the national government

– Noam Chomsky: “Keeping Gaza in a Stranglehold

– The Palestinian Authority threatened to go to the International Criminal Court if Israel does not leave Palestinian territory

– The mayor of Jerusalem affirmed construction of settlements in the city without any hesitation

Asia and Oceania

– According to one U.S. general, deaths by Taliban forces among Afghan soldiers and police were increasing despite retaking provinces and cities under their control

An interview with journalist John Pilger on his experience as a reporter in Vietnam, and why there’s still relevant to talk about the war violence

– The top official in Hong Kong refuses to step down but is open to talks with demonstrators, China told the U.S. not to interfere


– Glenn Greenwald: “After feigning love for Egyptian democracy, the U.S. is back to openly supporting tyranny


– Pew: While 65 percent of Turks report the media has a bad effect on society, nearly nine in 10 admit they use it constantly

– Speaking of Turkey, the country’s parliament allowed for troops to go into Syria and Iraq to fight the ISIL. Iran cautioned the country to not add tension to the region.

– The ceasefire in Ukraine weakened with the death of Red Cross worker in Donetsk

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Mark Weisbrot: “Why Dilma Rousseff Could Still Win Brazil’s Election

Surveillance Planet

– James Bamford blew the whistle in the 1970s on the abuse of power the NSA. What led him to do so in his own words

– Lawyers representing celebrities involved with the leaked nude photos sued Google for “blatantly unethical behavior.

– Customers of JPMorgan Chase, which total around 76 million, were told by the bank hackers may have taken their information

Financial Matters

– It is not just not just in the U.S. where people underestimate the huge wealth gap as a new study found this to exist everywhere

Politics US

Washington USA

Part two of three with Phil Donahue on the corporate media’s role as a gatekeeper of the elites

– A new poll found 53 percent of Americans believe there is an “extreme risk” of a terrorist attack in the U.S.; Thanks U.S. media and government! Motivating people for all the wrong reasons since 1776!

Anytown USA

– Ever wonder what the police department in Ferguson, Mo., follow for their code of conduct. Wonder no more as journalists Jason Leopold and Alice Speri present their findings here.

– Part one of two with Professor Ray Winbush on the parallels between violence in Baltimore, Md., and throughout the nation

– While groups like CopWatch are formed to check on police abuse, police officers sometimes harass and intimidate them

– It seems the Koch brothers will continue to create someone like, or specifically someone with the power of, Scott Walker in Wisconsin throughout the U.S. to advance their agenda

– The wife of a mayor who shot her husband after fighting with their son victim of domestic violence was, according to her lawyer

We Don’t Need No Education

– Gallup: Students who majored in business report the least interest in what they are doing

– Amy Goodman: “A Force More Powerful in Jefferson County, Colo.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– In the two days after a patient in Dallas, Texas, was sent home due to a hospital’s mistake, health officials worry more than 80 people were exposed to Ebola. Four people were already quarantined as a result of exposure.

– No medical waste company in Dallas wants to take the victim’s towels and clothes, which worries health officials.

– Also, that very man may be charged by Liberia for lying about his health to government officials

– Meanwhile, five people are infected with Ebola every hour in Sierra Leone

A new report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found deaths in the U.S. due to heroin overdose doubled in the past two years

The Second Sex

– Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, pens a piece on domestic violence in the NFL and what steps can be taken for players going forward

Planet Earth

A new study found reducing meat consumption means nothing if there is still a constant consumption of dairy

– Scientists predict the ice in Greenland will melt quicker than previously thought

– With a neoliberal controlling India, the environment will be one victim of the new policies implemented

– Our method of getting food is currently failing and a new method reform is needed to divert us from the path to destruction

Mixed Bag

– Americans for Prosperity, a group backed by the Koch brothers, sent a misleading pamplet on registering to vote to citizens in North Carolina . They even sent it to a cat.

A new study says the decline in ability to of smell foreshadows death; and new research found curiosity can lead to better learning skills

Break Time

Overkill [Men at Work]

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.