For the past 7 months the US media has continued to lie, obfuscate and coverup the atrocities and actions of the now obviously fascist pro Nazi government of Ukraine. In this thread I will point out numerous obvious propaganda techniques being employed by US media sources over the last week.

The US and EU media, led by the BBC and The New York Times, framed the toppling of the Lenin statue in the city of Kharkov as a massive pro-democracy demonstration. The event was covered on mainstream media worldwide and equated by pundits to the toppling of Saddam Husseins statue in Baghdad. What was left out was, once again, as always, the pro fascist Nazi element that actually conducted the act… as proven by the following photos and videos.

This video shows the neo-nazi fascist groups attacking anti-maidan protesters in the days before the toppling of the statue. Notice the neo-nazis are all primarily quite young and the people being attacked are peacefully marching and elderly.

In the days that followed the statue of Lenin was pulled down. This is the actual footage from the event which proves without a doubt that the footage the US and EU media used to sell this as a pro-democracy event was intentionally deceptive. Notice the red and black flag of WW2 nazi collaborator Stephen Bandera and also the Yellow and black Waffen SS ‘Wolfsangel’ banner.

In this video we clearly see a person holding an Azov Nazi battalion flag approaching the top of the Lenin statue. The Azov battalion is one of the most notorious battalions for atrocities conducted against civilians.

A policeman points out that it is the work of the Right Sector.
On October 1st, the first day of school for the city of Donetsk, the Ukrainian military intentionally targeted a local school. Eleven people were killed….including teachers and parents of children waiting at the bus stop outside the school. The US media led by CNN intentionally blurred the lines of who was responsible by stating that it wasn’t clear who did the shelling….even though it makes no sense whatsoever that the rebels would shell themselves and their own children. This type of reporting is similar to what was put forth by US and UK media outlets after the Odessa massacre where they blamed the victims for killing themselves. It is completely paradoxical and intentionally obfuscates what really happened. It is shameful reporting and an example of the type of propaganda that has dominated the western mainstream during the Ukraine crisis.


It wasn’t immediately clear who was responsible for the shelling. The Donetsk Regional Authority blamed the rebels, who in turn blamed the Ukrainian military. Note- (Keep in mind that the DRA is Kiev- see the obfuscation)

Also Wednesday morning, a shell hit a small public transportation bus, killing six people — two people inside and four who were nearby — and injuring 25 others, the Donetsk city office said. It wasn’t clear who fired that shell, either.

Here’s another example:
The BBC put out a ‘lovely little propagandist piece’ related to the shelling but makes no mention whatsoever of who is committing the atrocious act of shelling these children. This obfuscation and deletion of readily available data is another form of propaganda. The army (that the BBC intentionally neglects to mention) that is bombing the children in the BBC’s story is the new coup imposed western backed Ukrainian pro Nazi government.

The following links show the complete photos set of victims and damage to the school. The people killed were parents of the children of the school and residents of Donetsk.

This video shows how big an event the first day of school in Novorossiya was. The Kiev junta is fully aware how important the first day of school is in ethnic Russian culture. Parents bring flowers and children dress up in their finest attire. The fact that Kiev intentionally targeted this school on this day speaks volumes about their true nature. They aimed to kill children. Instead they killed the parents of those children.

This video shows the immediate aftermath of the attack and all the killed innocent victims. The video includes English subtitling. The rebels are the ones coming to the aid of the victims. The children attending this school are the children of the Donetsk rebels.

This quick 7 second video also shows additional shelling of a Donetsk shopping district close to where the school was bombed. These are the people of Novorossiya being shelled by the Ukrainian military. The US and UK media makes no mention of this particular attack even though it occurred in the same time period as the school shelling. This shopping area was also intentionally targeted.

Even today as a Red Cross worker was killed in central Donetsk by a GRAD barrage that was launched into the city center from the Ukrainian army which is still entrenched at the Donetsk airport, western media continued to misrepresent the truth. In the following propaganda piece they expect readers to believe that the Red Cross worker who was outside his offices in downtown Donetsk, in close proximity to the rebel headquarters, was possibly killed by bombing conducted by the rebels themselves. Now ask yourself “what sense would it make for the rebels to bomb their own city center in close proximity to their own headquarters and intentionally kill a Red Cross aid worker who is working on their behalf?”. Of course it makes no logical sense at all, yet the Wall Street Journal expect their readers to buy that narrative as they quote (once again) the coup imposed Kiev fascist government.

Excerpt: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, on Twitter, confirmed the Red Cross worker was killed but blamed the rebels for the attack.

CNN, on the other hand, decides to just gloss right over who is responsible and barely cover the attack. This is an example of the consistent coverup, obfuscation and moving of goal posts that has been going on with US and UK media. When something fits their anti Russia/Novorossiya narrative they exploit it fully, however, if it doesn’t fit and instead paints the Kiev junta in an unfavorable light then the story has omissions, deletions, is changed and quickly dropped. These are all obvious propaganda techniques that are being employed in order to present a one sided narrative that fits western interests. It is pure bullshit. The Red Cross worker Laurent DuPasquier, a 38-year-old administrator in its Donetsk office was killed by the Kiev junta army. The same army that has been bombing civilians in Donetsk for the past 5 months. CNN knows this fact full well yet they choose to obfuscate and coverup the truth.

Finally I want to present a major piece of blatant propaganda and ethically immoral reporting which is conducted by Laura Mills of the AP in this Yahoo story relating to young, teenage cadets who are being indoctrinated into the Ukrainian military sphere at the age of 13.


Since Ukraine’s conflict with Russia erupted, Oleksandr Federenko has gone from village kid to army cadet, trading computer games for knife-throwing classes and morning marches. He is only 13.

Federenko’s shy laugh and wisp of upper lip hair seem at odds with his bulky camouflage uniform as he explains his decision to sign up for the military academy. “This year I had this feeling of patriotism,” he says, “and I wanted to defend my country.”

Federenko may come across as an unlikely fighter, but he and his friends are part of what Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense says is a 13.7 percent increase in applications to military-run high schools this year alone.

The young cadet says he has struggled to adapt to the daily routine, and doesn’t love the 6:30 wake-up time, the morning drills and the stingy one hour of free time a day. But here, he says, “you start to grow up quicker.”
Now keep in mind that this is a 13 year old boy the AP reporter is writing about as she intentionally omits what he is really a part of. Here is the truth in relation to what little Federnko is now a part of:

This photos shows Ukraine new early teen cadets holding the Right Sektor pro Nazi flag of Stephen Bandera who collaborated with Hitler in the extermination of 80,000 Poles and Jews during WW2. It is shameful that little children are being indoctrinated into this ideology. This is what the AP is advocating for with their intentionally deceptive false narrative.

I covered this aspect of the new Ukrainian fascist state in my previous blog post on Ukraine. Link here:
Ukraine – The Rise of a US supported Fascist State

These types of blatant propaganda are similar to other examples throughout the Ukraine crisis. Here’s an example from back in late June when Right Sector took over Mariupol and The Washington Post actually ran a story on ‘grenade wielding’ grannies….yes you got that right……they imply that Right Sector battalions are in fear of ‘their’ lives from these deadly ‘terrorist’ babushkas. Even though elderly and innocent people were being killed all over the streets of Mariupol at that time by the Right Sector. You can’t make this stuff up. Yet the western media has been doing so and they expect you to believe it.

All of this propaganda from western media sources runs contrary to what the United States and Great Britain once prided themselves upon. In essence, it is un-American. It is a product of fascism which possibly explains why the US and UK condone and conduct it. They themselves support the new fascist government of Ukraine that has performed atrocities against innocent civilians.