Senator Pat Roberts

Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS)

Things are not going well for incumbent Republican Senator Pat Roberts today.

Efforts to force the Democratic party to put a candidate on the Senate ballot have failed. The Shawnee County District Court ruled that Democrats don’t need to replace Chad Taylor, who withdraw his candidacy earlier. Republicans wanted a Democratic name on the ballot to help split the anti-Roberts vote. Instead, Roberts will face just Independent candidate Greg Orman and Libertarian Randall Batson.

New polls also adds further evidence that Roberts trails significantly in this match. Orman leads with the support of 46.4 percent of likely voters in the Kansas senate race, while Roberts comes at just 41.2 percent support according to the USA Today/Suffolk poll. The Libertarian gets less than 1 percent and the rest are undecided. A Fox News poll from earlier this week also found Orman leading by a similarly large margin in their question without a Democrat on the ballot.

While there are still several weeks until the election, Roberts is on track to lose his re-election. It is ironic one of the few bright spots for Democrats this cycle is the race where they aren’t on the ballot.

Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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