As the so called ‘ Cease Fire”, that never was, continues to go on, new Ukraine is showing it’s true fascist colours to the world. The following video and link show that Ukrainian children are being indoctrinated into far right fascist ideology. The first video, taken a few weeks ago, shows small children singing Nationalist far right anthems while holding the flag of the Right Sektor who worship WW2 nazi collaborator Stephen Bandera whose battalions killed 80,000 Poles and Jews on behalf of Adolf Hitler in WW2.

This second link shows teenage army cadets also holding a Right Sektor flag.

Children are being indoctrinated and people are being abused for not adhering to this obvious child abuse. Here is an example of a young boy in Kharkov being beaten by a group of grown fascist men for not accepting the new rules.

Throughout New Ukraine beatings, abductions and murders are now becoming even more common. People who do not conform to the ideology of the Right Sektor are having their homes raided and are being imprisoned or disappeared. Here is an example of a family in Kharkov who were raided for supposedly hanging a flag from the window. The father was framed and abducted on false charges in the middle of the night thereby leaving his wife and children wondering what happened to their dad. This tactic is the same as those used by the Gestapo and the former Soviet KGB.

The next video is highly graphic and shows the body of a woman who was tortured at a location held by the Right Sektor nazi battalions that make up Ukraines new US financed army. Her toe has been shot off, her skull has been crushed and her body was tied with a rock and thrown in the river. The video shows that the people that did this to her were supplied with US MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat). The US is on record as having been supplying these to the new Ukrainian government.

As the Kiev regimes troops fall back and the Novorossiyas Armed Forces move towards the new boundaries, graves of innocent victims of the Kiev regime are being discovered. This video shows a grave where the bodies of 4 women who were abducted were found.

The Global Research website has more on the subject. They cite over 40 bodies exhumed thus far.

The next two videos highlight torture techniques being used on prisoners by the Right Sektor US financed battalions.

In this video words were burned onto this soldiers body:

If you doubt that US is knowingly financing these Nazi battalions please examine the following link which highlights Ukrainian neo-nazi ‘Donbass’ battalion commander, Semyon Semyonchenko, meeting in the United States with US officials. This fact was posted to his very own Facebook page by himself. He met with US senators Bob Corker and Robert Menendez while on a US financed trip to Washington.

During this so called ‘cease fire’ the aforementioned battalion commander and Poroshenkos army have continued to bomb civilian areas….the following are a few examples. Graphic warning: Links features an east Ukrainian woman with her head blown off as wells numerous other atrocities conducted against innocent civilians by the Kiev coup imposed regime.

In this next video another innocent woman is killed.

This video features two women and a young girl killed in mid September during the non ‘cease fire’…..once again highlighting that nothing has really changed, except for the International mass medias description of events. Just as before, however, they continue to cover up the atrocities being conducted by the Kiev regime against the innocent ethnic Russian population of east Ukraine.

In order to explain what is really going on in the newly ‘European’ fascist state of Ukraine I present this video which
provides an insightful look into the history of recent fascism in Ukraine and how it evolved into the out of control, fascist state that it is today. The video also features US senator John McCain working alongside the openly pro-Nazi leaders.

In Kiev the fascist are punishing anyone in the RADA who doesn’t vote in accordance to what the fascist believe by conducting a new ritual of abducting and abusing them and throwing them into trash containers. Here are numerous examples.
Fascism and nazism are also on full display in the city of Kharkov. The following video highlights the desecration of the local Lenin statue by large groups of pro nazi Right Sektor youth. The fact that these groups are pro Nazi is always covered up in US and EU press stories.

Here we see the same youth gangs attacking elderly peace marchers in Kharkov city center. Note that the police do very little to stop or arrest them.

Paradoxically, in this video the police decide to arrest the elderly peace marchers who are denouncing the fascist state.

Note the obvious difference in police actions. Young people holding nazi flags desecrate and use violence and light petrol bombs are given a free pass for their nefarious activities.

Elderly people who peacefully protest, they get arrested. This is fascism plain and simple.

For those still not convinced that Ukraine is now officially a full blown failed fascist state in the middle of Europe…..the following grainy video from Lviv, West Ukraine features thousands of citizens recently marching through the streets at night holding Swatstika flags at the 30 second mark. This is what the US and EU have brought to Europe. They have empower a regime that is reminiscent of that of Adolf Hitler. A regime that is conducting atrocities and has brought fascism back to Europe.

On a final note I want to show a Tweet that was sent to Pro Novorossiya British journalist Graham Phillips from a Ukrainian twitter account. It is graphic and features a corpse being eaten by dogs. This is what the regime in Kiev has brought to Europe.

Who in their right mind would advocate for such barbarity against a reporter? It is madness and sickness that is going on in Ukraine and it is happening because the US sponsored that violent coup that brought these fascist pro Nazi murderers to power. The US should hang it’s head in shame for this Frankensteins monster they have created.

World renowned reporter Robert Parry sums up the US’s role in the Ukrainian crisis.