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Hey there folks, it’s the start of a new week!

International Politics


– Chris Hedges: “Becoming Hezbollah’s Air Force“; Hedges writes on our culture’s incessant lust for warfare

– To quote David Swanson, “war is a lie” and the use of the Khorasan Group, which does not exist, reinforces how the use of a lie for war can be used those in power.

– In a letter to the International Criminal Court, the National Lawyers Guild urged an investigation into war crimes in Gaza by Israel

A new study revealed eight migrants die per day on the trek to reach a richer, more developed country for security; Very tragic and highlights the divide between the rich and poor countries.

Middle East

– It seems most Evangelical Christians are withdrawing support for Israel and siding with Palestinians

– When an Islamic State fighter says U.S. airstrikes against the ISIL do not work, then it is time to reconsider your strategy

– Journalist Tariq Ali interviews Patrick Cockburn about the rise of the ISIL and where the Middle East is heading

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserted the ISIL and Hamas were a part of the same “tree” and also warned (again) about Iran’s role in the region

– A Syrian official called for an expansion of the U.S.-led airstrikes in Syria to all hit militant groups in the country

Asia and Oceania

– An organizer that is a part of Hong Kong’s demonstrations called for more action and the numbers so far definitely show thousands are out in force

– With Ashraf Ghani sworn into office as the new president of Afghanistan, his administration will certainly be filled with corruption

– The death toll is at 36 so far in the eruption of Japan’s Mt. Ontake


– With all of these ceasefire agreements so far with both sides in Ukraine, it only allows the disorder in the country to grow without any means to address it. A case-and-point is the deaths of 12 people in fighting in the east despite the current ceasefire.

– On The Real News, Sister Teresa Forcades, who lives in Spain, talks about the power of the banking industry colluding with governments, and the resistance from below for another life

Surveillance Planet

– We can partially blame former President Ronald Reagan for allowing more executive powers for mass surveillance, the expansion of the tools used is scary; Kevin writes more on it here

Financial Matters

A new report warns “Big Data” presents problems for labor and ethnic groups as it potentially creates inequalities

– U.S. judge Thomas Griesa ruled Argentina in contempt of court, which Argentina consideres illegal under international law

A new report from the Center for Economic Policy and Research found Brazil assisted the poor through financial assistance and raised their standard of living over the past decade

Labor’s a-Brewing

– California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill to provide protections for temp workers holding their employers accountable for any wage theft or safety standards violations

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: 35 percent of Americans favor a limited government, while 32 percent favor stronger government

– Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues his neoliberal tour with a stop at the White House

– While the Obama administration may to keep a trial on its methods in Guantanamo Bay secret, media organizations sued to ensure it is public

– How much is the war against the ISIL costing so far? It is estimated it is $780 million

We Don’t Need No Education

– To protest potential curriculum changes in Colorado, teachers called in sick to protest at two area schools

The Second Sex

A new study found women who are unable to get an abortion experience higher rates of domestic violence compared with women who can get an abortion

– California passed the “yes means yes” law to prevent sexual assaults on campuses, and also passed a bill to prevent sex workers from being prosecuted for carrying condoms

– It is good news California passed such a law since colleges and universities do not expel students charged with sexual assault

Planet Earth

Time is running out for some communities in California as the drought worsens with water supplies at risk

A new study only verified what we know: The counter-movement preventing meaningful action on climate change is prevailing

Mixed Bag

– Dave Zirin: “Are Gaza Protests Coming to the NBA Preseason?

– “Obama Informs Nation Anarchy Will Reign During Search For New Attorney General“; Finally, thanks The Onion

Break Time

Me, Myself and I [De La Soul]

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.