The Roundup

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Hey folks, how are you doing today?

International Politics


– President Barack Obama: Our intelligence did not consider the Islamic State a threat, underestimating them; I’m sure they were more worried on how to support them

– Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at Madison Square Garden on his neoliberal tour. He may have to come back to New York City due to a lawsuit filed on his lack of effort in stopping religious violence in 2002

– Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: We should restart our relations with the U.S. despite previous international incidents

Middle East

– Ali Abunimah visits The Real News to discuss how the Palestinian Authority does not hold any short-term or long-term solution for Palestinians

A transcript of journalist Max Blumenthal’s testimony of what he saw in Gaza;  A must read

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: I will go the United Nations in New York City to refute all the lies about our war in Gaza

– A new report found Israel privatized its security forces in the West Bank to militias known for their fierce anti-Palestine stance

– In Syria, four oil refineries, along with a command center and nearby a town, were blown up by U.S.-led coalition forces

Asia and Oceania

– Protesters in Hong Kong resisted attacks by riot police and actually gained more supporters

– Hundreds of demonstrators came out in Yemen to protest against the Shiite rebels

Four alleged militants were killed in Pakistan by a U.S. drone strike


– A Libyan official pleaded for international help against terrorists within the country otherwise they face an unstable North Africa region for years to come

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