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Over Easy: Monday Science

Might as well smoke, I’d rather die from tobacco than Plutonium

Good Morning All!

Been almost 4 weeks since we’ve had rain here.Good for the crops drying before harvest, but for my new trees not so much. Have to hump water to the odd c0rners of my yard because the hose won’t reach. First World Problems. *sigh*

Speaking of First World Problems, Fukushima Update:

More studies confirming that our radiation exposure safety limits are way too high. And not really calculated properly anyway. Ingesting hot stuff, as opposed to just being exposed to the radiation, seems to impact at way lower levels and accumulate. The alpha emitters they don’t really track seem to be the worst offenders here.

In depth stories about what happened at the plant after the accident. It certainly does NOT make TEPCO look good. And it makes it clear the workers who stayed were working well beyond human limits.

There was an incursion at reactor #3, just as I and others have been saying. An incursion is a polite way of saying “Uncontrolled nuclear fission reaction”.  #3 is the only reactor that suffered this and the only reactor running MOX. They’re actually saying what people outside the nuclear industry are saying: MOX fuel makes an incursion in a meltdown MUCH more likely.

This is a surprise: FLORIDA, of all places, gets the biggest hit of Fuku radiation in the world outside of Japan.

Time magazine reports on a recent visit to Fuku. The scary part to me is the impression I get that it’s all a bunch of robo-humans wandering around lost without direction. Less than 10% of the people onsite are actual TEPCO employees and the TEPCO employees are not permitted to talk to the contractors.

One of Japan’s reprocessing plants is to be scrapped. This is good, unless you’re a Nuke industry trying to reuse spent fuel.

Small towns in Japan are busy taking steps to ensure that their land won’t be used as storage for hot waste.  This is a real threat to the JG’s plans, as they MUST find places to store the waste in order to maintain the illusion of a cleanup. Why not use the grounds of current Nuke plants? Well,  most of them are located near the coast or large rivers to provide water for the plants.

Japan now has 47 tons of Plutonium that it cannot use and that amount is increasing. It takes about 11 lbs of Pu to make a bomb.

New record cold: 200 Nanokelven. This is going to enable mush more detailed study of Bose-Einstein condensates, where matter behaves like waves rather than matter.

This is NOT what we wanted to find. Greenland’s ice sheet is MUCH more vulnerable to climate change than previously thought.

The addition of a gold micronet can increase solar cell efficiency by 10%.

Water on earth is older than the sun. Somewhere, somebody will use this as evidence to support intelligent design.

Boxturtle  (The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it’s stranger than we CAN imagine)

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