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International Politics


– President Barack Obama: Our intelligence did not consider the Islamic State a threat, underestimating them; I’m sure they were more worried on how to support them

– Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at Madison Square Garden on his neoliberal tour. He may have to come back to New York City due to a lawsuit filed on his lack of effort in stopping religious violence in 2002

– Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: We should restart our relations with the U.S. despite previous international incidents

Middle East

– Ali Abunimah visits The Real News to discuss how the Palestinian Authority does not hold any short-term or long-term solution for Palestinians

A transcript of journalist Max Blumenthal’s testimony of what he saw in Gaza;  A must read

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: I will go the United Nations in New York City to refute all the lies about our war in Gaza

– A new report found Israel privatized its security forces in the West Bank to militias known for their fierce anti-Palestine stance

– In Syria, four oil refineries, along with a command center and nearby a town, were blown up by U.S.-led coalition forces

Asia and Oceania

– Protesters in Hong Kong resisted attacks by riot police and actually gained more supporters

– Hundreds of demonstrators came out in Yemen to protest against the Shiite rebels

Four alleged militants were killed in Pakistan by a U.S. drone strike


– A Libyan official pleaded for international help against terrorists within the country otherwise they face an unstable North Africa region for years to come


– The Catalan region in Spain called for a referendum on Nov. 9 for independence, which will not make the Spanish government happy

– We’ve previously reported on the effects of corruption in the Greek government and how it affected the media in the country. It is important to provide context from the 1990s to see how this all came to fruition.

– France’s Front National won seats for the first time in the upper chamber at the expense of the left

– While David Cameron may assume the war against the ISIL is worth it to take down evildoers, the reality is more complicated

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Therapeutic abortion may soon become legal in Chile, which  currently bans all types of abortion and criminalizes it as well

Financial Matters

– Dean Baker: “Why Any Job Gains From the TTP will be Trivial, If Not Negative

Labor’s a-Brewing

– A new poll found 62 percent of employers believe the minimum wage should be raised to $10 an hour

– A victory for garment workers in Cambodia as corporations will increase the salary of workers there

– Based on federal estimates, Latino workers have higher mortality rates on  the job compared to other ethnic groups

Politics US

Washington USA

– Author and journalist Thomas Frank interviews Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in an lengthy conversation here

– President Barack Obama: Distrust of police officers in the U.S. is harming communities; I’m not sure where to begin on this…

– A new poll found 78 percent of Americans believe issues in the U.S. became more complicated over the past decade

– Nafeez Ahmed: “How the Pentagon Exploits ISIS to Kill Surveillance Reform and Re-Occupy Iraq

Anytown USA

– With new protests in Ferguson, Mo., problems still remain in the city on an unaccountable police force and a lack of justice on the death of Michael Brown

– Residents in Beverly Hills, Calif., oppose the construction of a subway line underneath their city because the ISIL may attack it

– While New York Police Commissioner William Bratton may push forth his “Broken Windows” theory, the reality is that it does not work and is harmful for communities

– In Oakland, Calif., demonstrators successfully blocked another Israeli ship from docking

We Don’t Need No Education

– The so-called success of charter schools in New York City is really the cherry-picking of students and faculty, while covering up its faults

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

A new study found children from high-income backgrounds are affected more by divorce than children from low-income backgrounds

– The Center for Disease Control and Prevention found nearly 2 million Americans have chlamydia with the highest rates found in young women

The Second Sex

– A female lawyer in Iraq who advocated for women’s rights in the country was executed by the ISIL

Planet Earth

Part two of two with Dr. Steffen Bohm and Nigel Topping on the effectiveness of a carbon pricing initiative

– Rosneft, the Russian state company, together with ExxonMobil discovered more oil in the Arctic

Mixed Bag

– Ahead of the upcoming movie on journalist Gary Webb, new documents reveal the Los Angeles Times assigned 17 reporters to attack Webb, which highlights how the CIA told journalists how to act

– There are still delays and cancellation at Chicago O’Hare airport two days after the alleged sabotage by an airport employee

– Iranian state television accused the BBC of confiscating “artistic, historical and cultural documents” from the country’s archives

– We cannot talk about the formation of capitalism in the U.S. without mentioning the role slavery had in enabling it

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.