Late, Late Night FDL: The Best of Me

Bryan Adams – The Best of Me

Bryan Adams has a new studio album, The Tracks of My Years, due out on Tuesday…

Bryan Adams is the man behind classic songs like “Summer of ’69” and “Heaven,” and on his next album he’s taking other artists’ classics and making them his own.

Tracks of My Years, due Tuesday, includes 10 cover songs by Ray Charles, the Beatles and more, plus one brand-new track, “She Knows Me.”

Tracks of My Years is Adams’ first studio album in more than six years.

“The album is about songs that were around at the time when I decided music was what I wanted do,” he told Billboard. “This is an eclectic collection of songs like what AM radio was doing at the time. AM radio was king in the ’70s. You would get a mix of songs from the Beatles to Ray Charles to a Beach Boys song to the Manhattans. You would get that mixture because they were hit songs. So that is what I decided to do: make a collection of cool songs that fit my voice.”

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