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Video:Eric Holder The Worst Attorney General Ever

Absolutely the worst.

1. Under the  US Constitution an American citizen does not have a right to ANY judicial review before being killed by the government.

2. Indefinite detention is an accepted and practiced legal principle.

3. Did not prosecute one Wall Street CEO.

4. Overseeing the unprecedented assault on Journalists/journalism.

5. He has supported the intrusive spying on Americans that could ever be imagined, expressing open disdain for civil liberties

6. When Banks got caught laundering millions in narco cash Holder gave them a free ride, they got caught again still no prosecutions yet, Eric does nothing to stop the carnage of his ongoing drug war, jailing the poor.

7. Justifying the imperial presidency by supporting the Libya bombing

8.Where was he on the BP spill, people died. He supported closing off the area to those who would report the truth.

Have you seen this guys record from when he worked for Chiquita Banana?

It is difficult to understand why anyone would support him, unless your a republican neocon.

Michael Eric Dyson is such a tool, Glenn Ford points that out here:

From Democracy Now: “Effective Evil” or Progressives’ Best Hope? Glen Ford vs. Michael Eric Dyson on Obama Presidency (September 7, 2012)

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