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The Roundup for September 25th, 2014

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With Thursday upon us, what are you planning as we approach the end of the week?

International Politics


– Glenn Greenwald: “How former Treasury officials and the UAE are manipulating American journalists

– With evidence of Islamic State militants entering Turkey to treat their woundeds as the country keeps its border opens, it reveals how weak the U.S. is considering Turkey is an ally of the U.S.

– Glen Ford: “The Big Switch: Obama Preparing to Bomb His Way to Regime Change in Syria

Middle East

– The Pentagon disputed reports of civilian deaths in Western airstrikes

– Despite warning on the threat of the Khorasan Group, which does not exist, U.S. officials still are unclear in establishing how specifically threatening they are

A new unity government will take control of the Gaza Strip after an agreement between Hamas and Fatah

– We know the ISIL controls oil, but what do they specific have? The Associated Press provides all of that here.

– Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi warned the U.S. and French governments about a potential terrorist attack in both of their countries by the ISIL


– A 20-year-old woman who escaped from Boko Haram in Nigeria described her time under their hands as “torture


A new poll found 59 percent of Turkish citizens believing the ISIL is a threat to the country. Interestingly, 52 percent believed it was operating within the country.

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, during a visit to the Bronx in New York City, reminded the marginalized how important it was to resist the capitalists in today’s world

– With the turn to privatization over its oil industry, Mexico still faces the issue of drug cartels taking billions from the industry

Surveillance Planet

– There is something out there worse than Heartbleed called Shellshock that existed for a decade and could be fixed within a decade.

– Emptywheel: “Yahoo’s FISA Content Requests Went up 30% in Second Half of Last Year

– The FBI criticized Apple and Google for encrypting their operating systems as they warn it could make the jobs of agents tougher for investigations

Financial Matters

– In what amounts to damage control, ALEC sent a letter to organizations who resigned over the group’s climate change denying views

Labor’s a-Brewing

Fantastic news as Los Angeles, Calif., passed legislation to raise the minimum wage for hotel workers to $15.37 per hour

– Based on federal investigations, oil and natural gas companies are cheating their workers of wages

– With 34 percent of workers in the U.S. now “freelancers,” it foreshadows how labor will be treated in the future

– The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced a lawsuit against two businesses for discriminating against transgender employees

Politics US

Washington USA

– For mishandling resources for the Navajo Nation over the past decade, the U.S. goverment will pay $554 million to them

– Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation with Dan writing more on this here.

– While Holder championed the idea of civil rights in the U.S., thst he didn’t hold major corporations accountable will surely be remembered. More from David Dayen.

– Al Sharpton said he is helping the White House finding a new Attorney General so expect another member of the establishment if true

– While electoralism has its limitations, running numerous progressive candidates against Democrats can provide a jolt in the consciousness of Americans

Anytown USA

– Journalist Ryan Devereaux reports on how the federal government went against journalist Gary Webb after his lengthy investigation into the CIA’s support of crack cocaine dealings from Latin America to the U.S.

– Gallup: 42 percent is the same number of people who identify as Republicans  as those who identify as Democrat

– “The pain runs deep.” As Sonali Kolhatkar writes, the way black men are treated in our society reflects on the state of our society.

Part seven of 10 with Eddie Conway on the horrors of prison, especially when he went into solitary confinement.

– After all of this time passed, the police chief in Ferguson, Mo., apologized to the family of Michael Brown; Pathetic. It’s been weeks since his death and an apologize weeks after is somehow supposed to correct things? Video.

We Don’t Need No Education

– We typically hear the best colleges in America, but rarely the worst ones. Thankfully, we know which ones truly are terrible for students based on a variety of factors.

– If investors get their way the education system will become another plaything to generate profits

Top Gun (Stories)

– A new report from the FBI found an increase in the number of shootings in the U.S. over the past decade

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

More than one million people in Sierra Leone were quarantined by the federal government; It is very depressing to know it will get worse due to international inaction, which President Barack Obama acknowledges

– What is revealing about all of this, in terms of international inaction on Ebola, is how countries do not care about protecting those most affected

The Second Sex

– In a lawsuit by a typist against the state of Pennsylvania for not doing enough to prevent her rape, the state responded by blaming her for the rape

– When discussing domestic violence by men like Ray Rice, there are sometimes calls about hypocrisy since women like Hope Solo also violently attacked family members (allegedly). However, it is a distraction from the main issue of domestic violence against women.

– Jessica Valenti: “Frat brothers rape 300% more. One in 5 women is sexually assaulted on campus. Should we ban frats?

Planet Earth

– The role of the U.S. in the climate talks in New York City was not to lead a new agreement, but to promote private interests

– Amy Goodman: “Global Warming and Global Warring

– For the wildfire raging in California, it is estimated it will cost more than $50 million

– With global warming getting worse, our resources required to survive are jeopardized

A group of world investors called for significant and serious action by governments around the world on climate change

Mixed Bag

A fantastic piece by journalist Sarah Jaffe on the significance of musician David Bowie and how we can relate to our world based on his career

– Gallup: 61 percent of Americans support prayer once a day in classrooms

– Whoa! Researchers detected water vapor in the atmosphere of a planet they found in space.

– Pew: 48 percent of churches would allow LGBTQ members to join, which is up from 37 percent

Break Time

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